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We have all been there….Thanksgiving Disasters Stories you can relate to

Friends Thanksgiving Disaster Story - I wasn't supposed to put beef in the trifle!

Sure, you’re a great chef. You can pull off an amazing Thanksgiving dinner without a hitch, but let’s be honest, we all know it’s not always that way. That being said, we decided to share with you some of our own Thanksgiving disasters at home for a good laugh and a bit of holiday cheer. Enjoy!

Missing a key ingredient

When Shari arrived at her Uncles Thanksgiving dinner with her made-from-scratch Pumpkin Pie in hand, she had no idea how embarrassed she would be in just a few hours. As dinner came to an end, she was so excited to have everyone dig into her dessert. It looked flawless. Perfectly cut fall leaves made from pie crust lined the edge of pie. She watched closely as the first guest cut into the pie. Uh-oh, they couldn’t cut the crust. It was ROCK HARD! Mortified, Shari scoured her brain trying to figure out what when wrong. She didn’t cook it too long. It wasn’t burnt. Oh no… The BUTTER! She forgot the butter! Who knew such a simple ingredient would change a pie from edible to inedible with the cut of knife? Needless to say, Shari has never left out the butter from her crust since that day.

To eat, or not to eat the ham: that is the question…

Tammy had one job: bring the ham. She picked the biggest one. Found the best recipe. Watched and basted it for hours until it was perfectly browned with a decadent honey and brown sugar crust. Proud of her ham, she wrapped it up, and made her way to her parents’ house for Thanksgiving dinner. Prize-winning ham in hand, she made her way through the door of her parents’ house and boom! Ham went one way, Tammy went the other way. After she picked up herself, and the ham off of the floor, they decide to salvage what they could off the ham, and put it in the oven on high to kill the germs. That year, there was a lot of leftover ham.

Gone fishing

Sarah and her sister decided to prepare Thanksgiving dinner together for both of their families last year. When it came time to stuff the turkey, it took both sisters’ efforts to stuff and truss the large turkey. It wasn’t until after the turkey was stuffed and in the roaster, that Sarah’s sister realized the Band-Aid she was wearing on her finger was GONE! After staring at each other horrified, they decided to un-do the turkey, and fish through ALL of the stuffing to locate the band-aid. They couldn’t find it! It wasn’t until they dressed the turkey up for second time, and hoisted it into the oven that they discovered the illusive band-aid. There it was, hanging from the bottom of the roaster! Phew! That was a close one Sarah!

Do you have any funny Thanksgiving stories? We’d love to hear about it! Share your story with us below.

From our table at Chefuniforms.com to yours, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Disaster Stories we can all relate too

Thank You! From ChefUniforms.com

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We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday with their loved ones, and happy shopping!

Happy Thanksgiving

“Gobble Up” Some Thanksgiving Cheer!

Ah, Thanksgiving… it’s time to break out the stretchy pants again, because this holiday is stuffed with food (pun intended)! First, there’s the turkey – that holiday staple, without which it just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving. Then, you’ve got stuffing, which is arguably the greatest invention since toilet paper. Next, pile on some yams or mashed potatoes with gravy, cranberries, and veggies, and follow that up with some pumpkin or pecan pie for dessert. I mean, could this holiday get any better? Wait… there’s also football?  A lot can be said about a holiday that centers around food, football and family gathered around. And let’s not forget the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, full of giant balloons shaped like our childhood favorites: Snoopy, Mickey, Kermit, and newer ones like SpongeBob, Shrek and Spiderman. There’s just something about this holiday that always brings back memories of sitting around the table as a child, each family member saying what they were thankful for.

This year, ChefUniforms.com is thankful for its great customers! Thank you all for being you! Please enjoy one of our favorite recipes, courtesy of the Food Network:

Pumpkin Banana Mousse Tart

Total Time:            3 hr 20 min

Prep                            30 min

Inactive                      2 hr 30 min

Cook                           20 min

Yield:                  10 servings

Level:                  Easy


For the crust:

    • 2 cups graham cracker crumbs (14 crackers)
    • 1/3 cup sugar
    • 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
    • 1/4 pound (1 stick) unsalted butter, melted

For the filling:

    • 1/2 cup half-and-half
    • 1 (15-ounce) can pumpkin puree
    • 1 cup light brown sugar, lightly packed
    • 3/4 teaspoon kosher salt
    • 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
    • 1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
    • 3 extra-large egg yolks
    • 1 package (2 teaspoons) unflavored gelatin
    • 1 ripe banana, finely mashed
    • 1 teaspoon grated orange zest
    • 1/2 cup cold heavy cream
    • 2 tablespoons sugar

For the decoration:

    • 1 cup (1/2 pint) cold heavy cream
    • 1/4 cup sugar
    • 1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
    • Orange zest, optional


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

Combine the graham cracker crumbs, sugar, cinnamon, and melted butter in a bowl and mix well. Pour into an 11-inch tart pan with a removable bottom and press evenly into the sides and then the bottom. Bake for 10 minutes and then cool to room temperature.

For the filling, heat the half-and-half, pumpkin, brown sugar, salt, cinnamon, and nutmeg in a heat-proof bowl set over a pan of simmering water until hot, about 5 minutes. Whisk the egg yolks in another bowl, stir some of the hot pumpkin into the egg yolks to heat them, then pour the egg-pumpkin mixture back into the double boiler and stir well. Heat the mixture over the simmering water for another 4 to 5 minutes, until it begins to thicken, stirring constantly. You don’t want the eggs to scramble. Remove from the heat.

Dissolve the gelatin in 1/4 cup cold water. Add the dissolved gelatin, banana, and orange zest to the pumpkin mixture and mix well. Set aside to cool.

Whip the heavy cream in the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with a whisk attachment until soft peaks form. Add the sugar and continue to whisk until you have firm peaks. Carefully fold the whipped cream into the pumpkin mixture and pour it into the cooled tart shell. Chill for 2 hours or overnight.

For the decoration, whip the heavy cream in the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the whisk attachment until soft peaks form. Add the sugar and vanilla and continue to whisk until you have firm peaks. Pipe or spoon the whipped cream decoratively on the tart and sprinkle, if desired, with orange zest. Serve chilled.

What are you thankful for this year? Do you have any special Thanksgiving anecdotes or recipes you’d like to share? Leave a comment below!

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