Great Recipe from Andy Trousdale

(filet of salmon cooked in a bag with foie gras butter) Serves four

1lb: Filet of salmon cleaned salmon filet, portioned into four equal pieces
4 0z: Snap Ppeas
8 pieces: Baby Ccorn                                           
2 pieces: Spring Zucchini                                               
1 Small: Sweet red peppers
8 pieces: Fingerling potatoes (cut each one into two pieces, cooked in salted water)
Vermouth as needed
1 small bunch: Dill                                                      
4oz: Foie gras butter                                            
Vegetable oil: as needed
Sea salt: as needed
Black cracked pepper: as needed
4 large pieces: Parchment Paper                               


Lay down the four pieces of parchment paper onto a table, lightly butter the center of each paper. Season all the vegetables & potatoes & divide evenly onto the center of each of the papers. Place one piece of salmon filet on top of each of the vegetables, place dill on each of the salmon, season. Gently sprinkle Vermouth over each salmon & place a knob of foie gras butter on top of each one. Carefully fold over the edges of the parchment paper, to enclose completely. Smear vegetable oil onto a large sheet pan, place on the four paper bags. Preheat oven to 400f, place papillotes in the oven for 6 minutes until they have risen and browned.

Serve immediately.

  • Note: Guests can easily open the papillotes with a knife and fork to release aroma and enabling them to eat out of the papillote.

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