Saving some dough while going out to eat

The recession has had everyone on edge about spending money on unnecessary luxuries. Unfortunately, one such luxury that has taken a hit is the restaurant industry, which has seen a whole lot less foot traffic since 2007. We all love going out to eat, but sometimes the cost of a sit-down meal can hold us back. How can this be fixed? What can we do?

Once again, the answer lies in the World Wide Web. Look to the Internet, and you will find such websites as, Groupon, Living Social, and dozens of others that will allow you to go out to your favorite dining spots and walk out with a much thicker wallet than you would have otherwise. These sites offer gift certificates and coupons for specific restaurants for much less than their actual cash value, sometimes at 10% of the actual price! Yes, I said 10%… that’s 90% off! It’s hard to say no to such a deal, which is probably why these websites have been doing so well lately.  Plus, these coupon sites may have a correlation to why restaurants have begun to see somewhat of a rebound in traffic.

But what does this have to do with our readers? Why should you care? Well, other than the fact that we’ve just given you some free advice on how to save some money when going out to eat, we’ve also—by default—given you a means to potentially increase your restaurant’s foot traffic!   We know that a busy chef is a happy chef, so it is important to stay with the times by getting your name out there through reputable coupon sites.

Speaking of foot traffic…as your restaurant business picks up, you don’t want to slip up—pun intended—in the kitchen.  That is why we suggest getting a pair of our non-slip chef shoes, only at!!

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