2011 NRA Show in Three Words…

Another year has come and gone, and we’ve made it through another exciting NRA Show. A few of our wonderful sales representatives were able to make it to the NRA Show this year, where they met Peter Del Cotto and Kimber Hoang, our two NRA Contest winners. Below is a picture of our team with Peter: (From left to right) Yary, Diana, Peter (the contest winner), Chanty and Leslie.

When reflecting on their experience at the NRA show, our team said,” Meeting customers was a great experience because it not only gave us the opportunity to stay in touch with them, but we were also able to see what our customers thought of our brand.” Our team was excited to be able to take Peter out to dinner on Sunday night to the Grand Lux Café, where they could speak with him one on one and gain insight as to how our customers perceive ChefUniforms.com. Peter mentioned how he was happy to be at the show and thanked our team for the opportunity ChefUniforms.com gave him.

When our team got back home, we asked them, “What three words would you use to describe the National Restaurant Association Show?” Their responses varied:

–          Yary: “Innovating, Instructive and Networking”

–          Chanty: “Remarkable, Competitive and Extremely Demanding”

–          Leslie: “Entertaining, Exciting and Interesting”

We even had some celebrity guests come and visit our booth, including the one and only Eric Estrada. Not only did Eric come by and try on one of our chef coats but he also kept the coat on all day as he walked around the show!

This year our booth was located across from the Coca Cola booth, where they had a representative on stilts. There was a lot of foot traffic at this new spot, so the team was able to meet and speak with more people from all over the country.

Overall, the trip was a rewarding experience for everyone. Our ChefUniforms.com team had a great time meeting new people, gaining feedback from our customers and learning about new innovations in the culinary industry. I know I speak for the whole team when I say that we can’t wait to see what’s in store at next year’s NRA Show!

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