A Gift for Father’s Day

Father’s Day. The third Sunday in June, when families come together and honor that person they so affectionately call dad. And how do we honor our dads? Presents! It is a proven fact that dads love presents. But what do you get for the guy who has everything? Isn’t it obvious? No, not another tie. Get him a brand new chef uniform from ChefUniforms.com! You might say, “But Father’s Day is just 4 days away! How can I order something online and expect to receive it by Sunday?” Well, with ChefUniform.com’s Express or Overnight Delivery, you can be sure your gift reaches its destination on time. And hey, there’s always his birthday!

Whether or not he’s a chef, a new chef uniform would make a great gift for any dad. You can embroider “#1 Dad”, “World’s Greatest Dad”, or even his name onto a new chef coat. Trust me, he’ll love the thought, and he’ll really love that he has one more thing that proves his greatness to all of the other dads in the neighborhood.

Another idea for a gift is a pair of slip resistant chef shoes. You don’t have to be a chef to wear them, and there are a number of uses for these shoes, only one of which involves the kitchen. In addition to the obvious kitchen use, you can wear slip-resistant shoes on a boat, in a hospital, on a running track, or anywhere else you can think of where you might be in danger of losing your footing. Of course, if your father is a chef, then what better way to say “I love you” and “I care about your well-being” than a good pair of don’t-slip-in-the-kitchen chef shoes?

Want to spoil your dad without spending too much money this holiday? Here’s a tip – the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. With that in mind, here are a few ideas to sweep dad off his feet:

  1. Start his day off right by bringing him breakfast in bed. Don’t forget the OJ!
  2. Cook him a big, juicy steak or burger, but add something new to the mix: find a recipe for an “ultimate burger”, or anything that is bacon-wrapped.
  3. Dads work hard all week; Fathers Day should be his day of rest and relaxation. Bring him his favorite beer and he’ll be your best friend.
  4. Take his favorite food and kick it up a notch. Deep-fry it or wrap it in bacon (again, bacon always gets a thumbs up), but whatever you do, don’t make it healthy! It’s his one day to eat like a king, so let him! His arteries won’t thank you, but his stomach and taste buds will.
  5. Take him to his favorite restaurant and surprise him with a meet and greet with the head chef, followed by a food tasting. If he loves food as much as we do, he’ll love every minute of it.

And remember, if you are going to buy him a gift, as much as dads love wearing ties, there is a limit to the number of ties a man can own, so stop buying ties for father’s day and start thinking outside of the box! Visit ChefUniforms.com for more gift ideas for this coming Father’s Day.

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