BBQ for your country

Independence Day! Another day off of work, where we get to go swimming, watch some great fireworks shows, and let’s not forget about barbecuing… what could be better? So many great dishes are incorporated in the typical Fourth of July barbecue; it’s hard not to be excited! First, let’s talk about the burgers. I mean, wow! Who can resist a nice big, juicy burger with all of the fixing’s? Not a fan of red meat? That’s ok! There’s always grilled chicken wings! Seasoned perfectly with just the right amount of whatever happened to fall off of the spice rack that day, it really doesn’t matter what’s on them, they almost always come out tasting great!

Next, the salads. Normally, these would come before the main entrée, but let’s face it… who’s going to eat a salad first when that burger is hot off the grill? So, when you finally get to the salad, your stomach is feeling great and looking forward to the next course. It’s difficult to explain why, but for some strange reason, salads are always better at a barbecue. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s been sitting out in the sun while the burgers were cooking, but if that’s the case, I’m going to start leaving my salads outside before I eat them!

After the salad we head over to the side dish table, where we typically have our choice of potato salad, cole slaw, chips, fries, and macaroni salad. But we never take too much of this category, because we know what’s coming next… dessert! And, since it’s National Ice Cream Month now, why not have a make-your-own sundae bar? If you want to “Independence Day it up”, you can even have just red and blue M&M’s and sprinkles as toppings. Great idea, right? We’ve got a million of ‘em. Getting hungry yet?

Here’s another great idea: If you’d like to make your holiday even more patriotic, try wearing one of our red chef coats by the grill. It’ll keep you from getting any grease on yourself and your clothes, and you’ll look stylishly patriotic while cooking up a great dinner for the family.

Got any more ideas to sweeten your 4th of July Barbecue? Let us know by commenting below!

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