Olympic Countdown

Today in Shanghai, Michael Phelps won his first gold medal at the World Swimming Championship. This brings back warm, fuzzy memories of the last Summer Olympics back in 2008, where he won 8 gold medals for the USA in Beijing. And he was only 23! Makes you wonder what he’ll do at the next Olympics, after 4 more years of intense training. And speaking of the next Olympics, that just so happens to be exactly one year from today! That’s right, folks, the countdown is on. Will the U.S. take home the gold in London?

While Phelps prepares to be the center of attention once again, our other athletes are also getting ready for what could be their shot at the spotlight. But who will you be rooting for? With 26 different sports broken up into 39 different disciplines, which ones will you be watching?

Whatever happens next year, it is important to show our American pride for our athletes. They are carrying our country’s flag, so the least we can do is support them by wearing red, white and blue at all times, including in the workplace. Now, if you are in the culinary profession, how can you be patriotic? It’s simple, just head on over to ChefUniforms.com and pick yourself up a Red or White Chef Coat and a blue shirt and wear them proudly!

Even one year before the start of the Olympics of 2012, the competition between the countries has already begun, via Twitter. The goal is to see which country can gain the most tweets about the Olympics using #1yeartogo, #(your country) and http://l2012.cm/qB4bRm in a tweet. The prize? Bragging rights next year! So, log on to Twitter and tweet #1yeartogo #USA http://l2012.cm/qB4bRm so the USA will win the prize! And while you’re Tweeting, you might as well follow our new Twitter profile so that you can get the inside scoop on exclusive discounts and special offers!

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