Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone! Today we get to fill our stomachs with unhealthiness and try not to think of how much our bodies will hate us tomorrow, or how far we’ll have to run to get rid of these calories. So, if we’re giving up the calorie-counting for today, what are your favorite treats to make for your Halloween festivities? Whether you’re having an office luncheon or a party at your house later tonight (or perhaps this weekend), everyone has at least one Halloween treat that is their signature dish. So what’s yours? Here are some pictures from the last two years of Halloween parties here at the ChefUniforms.com office:






Spider Web Cake                                              Chocolate Halloween Pops


Graveyard Cupcakes                                                    Dirt Dessert

Haystacks                                                       ”Deviled” Eggs


Eyeball Cupcakes                              Halloween Pumpkins (filled with Flan)

Have your own special Halloween Treat that you love to make? Fill us in and leave a comment below!

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