National Canned Food Month

With January coming to a close and February just around the corner, it makes you think about your plans for the upcoming holiday festivities. No, I’m not talking about Valentine’s Day, I’m talking about National Canned Food Month! This is the month where we get a jump start on that spring cleaning and give some of our canned goods (that have not yet expired) to those in need. It’s also the time of year that we re-evaluate the way we eat, and decide if our diet is healthy and well-balanced. To help us do this, the Canned Food Alliance has updated and simplified their food pyramid to only include canned goods. This is to show us that canned goods are comparable to fresh, cooked and even frozen foods in their nutrient content, and can be substituted for most of the foods we eat every day.

The following infographic comes from the Canned Food Alliance, and encompasses the main food groups and their relative portion size, as well as some examples of canned goods that fulfill those dietary requirements.

Join ChefUniforms and give to the needy this February. You’ll be glad you did!

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