Bake for Family Fun!

February is Bake for Family Fun Month! This month, families across the nation are encouraged to spend some time together in the kitchen. If you’re looking for an activity that will bring the family together but won’t break the bank, baking is the perfect choice. The Home Baking Association designated February as Bake for Family Fun Month, because it is important for kids and parents to have an activity that they can share. And what can be better than a fun activity that ends with a delicious treat? The HBA even went so far as to make a schedule to use as a guideline for those families who wish to participate in the fun.

(Click on the links to see what each activity is all about)

Week 1


Create and Pretend with Rainbow Dust

Everyone Loves Pizza

Flat Bread

Light-as-a-Feather Multigrain Pancake Mix


Butterfly Art for Very Hungry Kids

1st Grade:

Good Day Granola

4th Grade:

Basic Pizza

Week 2

1st Grade:

Cookie Pop Art

Let’s Plan a Party

2nd Grade:

Quilt Cake

Week 3

2nd Grade:

Apple Dumplings

Quilt Cake

Science of Baking

3rd Grade:

Exploring Pancakes

4th Grade:

Baking Traditions: Tortillas, Soft Pretzels & Stone Soup Bread

Soft Pretzels

Week 4


Sugar Cookies Go Whole Wheat

4th Grade:

Sharing Cocoa Cupcakes

What’s your favorite thing to cook with your family? Leave us a comment below and tell us!

For more information on Bake for Family Fun Month or to find some great recipes for the whole family, visit

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