Interview with Chef Aimee Bacon

Aimee was one of the contestants in our Cash for the Holidays Contest with the highest number of votes, and is March’s Chef of the Month! Below is a short interview with Aimee about her experiences in the contest and her career thus far. Enjoy!

1.       How did you go about getting all of your votes? What did you do that helped the most (Facebook, Emails, etc)?

I got many of my votes through Facebook and email.  Also, a lot of my friends and family shared my link on their Facebook pages and emails to help get votes.

2.       Why did you want to become a chef?

I wanted to become a pastry chef/baker because of my creativity.  Also, my parents had brought me up with a great appreciation for food, and I think baking and pastry is a beautiful art form, and I wanted to create that.  Also, I have a huge sweet tooth!

3.       What fabric and style of uniform do you enjoy wearing most?

My favorite style of uniform is the polyester/cotton blend traditional chef coats with long sleeves.  They are very professional looking and comfortable too!

4.       Do you enjoy dining out in your free time?

I love to dine out!!! I constantly seek out new restaurants and bakeries to try to enjoy new dining experiences.

5.       Do you see any changes in food trends?

I find that baking and pastry is becoming very popular.  Especially small portions such as cupcakes and cake pops because they are the perfect size, make great gifts, and are very eye appealing.

6.       What are your future plans for your business?

I have so many future plans for my business.  I would like to build my clientele before opening a store front, so I would preferably like to start with a small shop that is used for cake consultations and wedding cake designing.  I eventually hope to open a huge traditional bakery that offers a variety of everything, and maybe even open a huge business that includes a bakery, restaurant, vineyard, orchard, etc. that offers the ultimate dining experience.

7.       Is there any one thing you would have done differently in starting your culinary career?

I can’t specify something that I would have done differently.  In this career, you work hard, make your mistakes, and learn from them.  Making mistakes is the best way to learn and perfect your skills.  Practice definitely goes a long way!

8.   What advice would you give to someone who wants to go into culinary school?

My advice would be, if you absolutely love to cook/bake and are passionate about food, follow your instincts.  It is truly a rewarding career if you love it and put your hardest work into it.

Thanks again to all who participated in the Cash for the Holidays Contest!

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