Enjoy! National Barbecue Month

With summer coming just around the corner, and before it gets too hot out, May is the perfect time to have a barbecue… which is probably why May is National Barbecue Month! According to a study conducted by the HPBA (Health, Patio and Barbecue Association) last year, most Americans (over 80%) claim that cooking outdoors is easier in many ways than cooking indoors, and that it is an easy way to save money, rather than going out to eat (they also get to show off their new chef coats to their friends and family). About a third of all of the adults polled associate a good old-fashioned BBQ with family tradition, and say that it is a great way to spend quality time with friends and family.

In terms of the food itself, here are a few fun stats about barbecuing that just might help our chef fans create the perfect Barbecue Month menu!

– 65% of Americans like to marinate, season or pour sauce over their meat while grilling.

– 42% of men (and only 31% of women) like to spice up their grilled meat with steak sauce or hot sauce.

– 66% of consumers prefer ketchup on their burgers to mustard, and the same percentage want cheese.

More and more people are grilling these days, for all of the reasons above and more. For great recipes, tips and tricks, as well as some Barbecue inspiration, visit www.HPBA.org. If you’ve got any BBQ tips, leave a comment below and share with us!

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