A Big Thank You to Our Nation’s Finest

ChefUniforms.com would like to wish all of our loyal readers and fans a happy Memorial Day today! Always on the last Monday in May, this holiday originated as a federal holiday to honor those who died while fighting in the Civil War. Later, it became a day to pay tribute to all of our fallen service men and women from the U.S. Armed Forces. Today, people use this long weekend to gather together with family and friends and to honor those who have died fighting for our country. We show our patriotism in many different ways, including fireworks displays, parades, and the good old fashioned BBQ.

As you may already know, May is National Barbecue Month, but what you may not know is that today is not only Memorial Day, it’s also National Hamburger Day! So, to honor our fallen American soldiers and to celebrate this great tradition, here are some patriotic dishes that are inspired by this great country of ours.





If you haven’t already, be sure to come by ChefUniforms.com and pick yourself up some patriotic-colored chef uniforms. You can wear a red or white chef coat with a blue shirt underneath, or choose your own style to show your USA pride!

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