Interview with Chef David Wilson

Chef David Wilson was our runner-up in the 2012 NRA Contest, and is also May’s Chef of the Month! With 568 votes, David came within just 3 votes of our winner, and for that reason, along with his winning attitude, he is deserving of such a title! David was kind enough to answer a few questions for us, and provide our loyal readers with a little insight into the mind of a chef. Bon Appétit!

1. How did you go about getting all of your votes? What did you do that helped the most (Facebook, Emails, etc)?

A great friend, a deaf chef, just recently won the “Hottest Chef in America” contest. I had done a lot of promotion to help him win. He returned the favor and had a big chunk of the deaf community show their support. Facebook was used voraciously to illicit votes… We came in like 6 or 7 votes behind the winner, Jessica. Glad she won it; I think it will benefit her career tremendously.

2. Did you use your gift certificate yet? If so, what did you buy? If not, what do you plan on purchasing with it?

Yes, bought some new work pants. The grunge cargo pants. Tons of compliments on them so far. Good job!

3. Why did you want to become a chef?

Because of the bad boy image and the groupies… Oh, and the wonderful laid-back work schedule…

4. What fabric and style of uniform do you enjoy wearing most?

White coat, cloth buttons. Solid color cargo pants. Black bistro apron. Dansko clogs. Any fabric that doesn’t chafe…

5. Do you enjoy dining out in your free time?

Of course, do you think I wanna cook after 14 hours in the kitchen? Wait, free time?

6. Do you see any changes in food trends?

Change happens on a continual basis. Can I predict what the new trend will be? Heck no. I just want to see more robots. See below.

7. What are your future plans for your business?

Hire a mutant culinary ninja robot army to help me in my quest for world domination. Or work my fingers to the bone for the next 20 years and retire on some measly crappy retirement fund… I like the robots and world domination option better…

8. Is there any one thing you would have done differently in starting your culinary career?

Not one thing. I’ve seen and experienced some amazing things/people and learned a lot of life lessons in my culinary career and I’m one happy soul.

9. What advice would you give to someone who wants to go into culinary school?

Run as far away as possible! No, I jest. Focus on getting some real time experience by picking up hours at a catering company, country club or hotel. Even offer your services for free just so you can learn from working professionals and develop some hands on skills before you finish school. You will also realize in a working kitchen if this is the career choice for you. Professional kitchens are hot, stinky cesspools with all the dregs of society under one roof. You quickly wonder if tuition was well spent or not. Remember, you will see this kitchen more than you see your own house or apartment. Some of us, a rare breed, thrive on the working kitchen stress and environment. It quickly grows on you. Learn from professionals. Travel and experience different cuisines when you start out, you won’t have time later and learning different cuisines will benefit you tremendously later in your career.


Thank you to Chef David Wilson, and congratulations on being May’s Chef of the Month!

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