A Day for the Klutzes of the Kitchen

Are you the person who always leaves the kitchen messier than when you entered? Do you drop or spill something every time you try to cook? Have you ever left out a main ingredient from a recipe by accident, and wondered why the dish didn’t taste right? Then today is the day for you! Every year on June 13th, we celebrate Kitchen Klutzes of America Day. Today we take a step back – way, way back, so as to avoid getting spilled on or burned – and appreciate our klutzes of the kitchen, rather than scolding them. Today, we say “what an interesting idea, to substitute sugar for salt! I wouldn’t have thought of that…” or “don’t worry, I always drop food between the counter and the oven. The cockroaches will eat it.” or even “I meant to test that smoke detector one of these days… now I don’t have to!”

Even though the risk of getting cut by a flying knife or burned through our chef coats by boiling water is higher than ever when we are around you, we still love you! So today, we honor our kitchen klutzes, and thank you for being you!

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