A Day for Dad

Father’s Day is coming fast! Time is running out to get the perfect gift for that special guy in your life. In our last blog, Father’s Day Gifts: Time is Running Out! we wrote about getting dad an embroidered chef coat with his name, #1 Dad, or another term of endearment printed right on it. If that’s not up your alley, or you’d rather get a little more creative, here are a few other ideas to get you started on your “Day for Dad”:

  1. Make him his favorite breakfast in bed. Don’t skimp on the bacon!Fathers Day Catch
  2. Take him to his favorite sporting event. Not the right season? How about playing it with him instead?
  3. Do his favorite activity with him. If it’s the same as number 2, you’ve killed two birds with one ball!
  4. Put on his favorite movie and watch with him. Try your best not to fall asleep or whine.
  5. Take him to his favorite restaurant for dinner, or cook him his favorite meal. The way to a man’s heart is Fathers Day Moviethrough the stomach.
  6. Don’t make him fix, kill, walk, feed, or clean anything today – unless he REALLY wants to.

… and of course, the most important one:

  1. Be sure to wish him a HAPPY FATHER’S Day!

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