Halloween Festivities 2013

Happy Halloween! We thought you might like to see some of the amazing works of culinary art (from people who aren’t chefs what-so-ever) that made the scene today at ChefUniforms corporate office.

Pretzel Mummy Sticks

Pretzel Mummy Sticks










Graveyard Cakes

Graveyard Cake 1Graveyard Cake 2

Tombstone Banana Bread

Tombstone Banana Bread

Halloween Cake

Halloween Cake

Red Velvet Glass Cupcakes

Red Velvet Glass Cupcakes

And for the pumpkin decorating contest…

Pumpkin ContestBling Pumpkin Adam West Pumpkin Candy Corn Fish Pumpkin Dr Pumpkin Spider Pumpkin

We’ll be posting some pictures of the costume contest soon, so be sure to check back!

Did your office or restaurant do anything fun for Halloween? Send us some pictures or tell us below!

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