Holiday Cookie Exchange 2013

Ahh the holidays… the time of the year where tripling your daily intake of sugars, carbs, and fats are expected, especially if they come in the form of cookies! It is so hard to resist the sprinkles, peanuts, and frosting on top of holiday treats. To get in the spirit this holiday season, our Chef Uniforms corporate office gathered their best cookie recipes for our very first cookie exchange!

Anyone who wanted to participated had to bring in 3 dozen of their favorite cookies… homemade, of course (no store-bought cookies allowed)! Participants set all of the cookies in the break room and were told to grab whatever they wanted. Typical cookie exchanges have order and allow each participant to take home the equal amount of cookies… but at the sight of the fabulous spread, all the rules went out the window!

Hands were flying, crumbs were spilling, and mouths were being stuffed with delicious cookies to decadent holiday treats. Plates and Ziploc bags were filled to the brim and everyone left the break room with big grins on their faces. As tummies filled, it became clear that this amazing event should be an annual tradition – one more way to celebrate every holiday season!

Even though the holiday season is coming to an end and it’s time to say goodbye to all of the holiday treats, that doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to holiday chef apparel. You can still feel festive in several of our colored chef coats, such as our Men’s Raglan ¾ Sleeve Chef Coat with Snap Front Closure (Style 491759), or our Women’s Contrast Raglan ¾ Sleeve Chef Coat with Snap Front Closure and Fine Line Twill.

Do you have traditions at your work place that are new this year, or something you do annually? Do you wear Holiday inspired chef wear during your cookie exchange? Share with us your holiday traditions, pictures, and especially recipes. We would love to hear from you!

Cookie1 Cookie2 Cookie3 Cookie4 Cookie5 Cookie6 Cookie7 Cookie8

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