The Birthplace of our Chef of the Month, Chef Jason Connelly


July’s Chef of the Month, Senior Sous Chef Jason Connelly was also born in Pennsylvania and is from Chester, Delaware County. It is situated between the cities of Philadelphia and Wilmington, Delaware on the Delaware River. It is the oldest city in Pennsylvania established in 1866.

According to, in its first 200 years of history, it was a major hub of manufacturing due to its proximity to the Delaware River and included robust industries like metal manufacturing, shipbuilding, locomotive, textiles and machinery. It is the home of “five nationally registered historic places”:

  1. 1724 Chester Courthouse
  2. Chester Waterside Station of the Philadelphia Electric Company
  3. Delaware County National Bank
  4. Old Main and Chemistry Building
  5. Second Street Bridge
  6. William Penn Landing Site

Birthplace of Chef Jason Connelly - Chester City PA on

Population: 34,046 according to the U.S Census Bureau 2013 estimate


Popular people residing or born in Chester

John Morton – resident of Chester and a key vote on the Declaration of Independ:ence

Bill Haley & His Comets

Thomas Barnes – first African-American Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force

Clamma Dale – opera singer

Lamar Campbell – former Detroit Lions defensive back

Kevin Jones – a Chicago Bears running back

Bob Kuberski – former Green Bay Packers and New England Patriots defensive tackle

Brent Staples, an editorial writer for the New York Times

Ethel Waters – Grammy Hall of Fame Award winning Blues recording artist and Broadway performer

Chester Waterside Station of the Philadelphia Electric Company on Chefuniforms.comChester Waterside Station of the Philadelphia Electric Company

The next time you’re in Chester, be sure to check out these Restaurants!

Phil & Jim’s Delicatessen

Laspada’s The Original Steaks

Furillo’s Sandwich Shop

OB’s Jamaican Restaurant

Giorgio’s Pizza

The Cove

Sungate Diner


Have you been to Chester, Pennsylvania before? Tell us what you loved about it!


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