At Long Last: Tall Chef Coats and Pants

Height is an advantage in many aspects of life, but unfortunately, shopping for clothes that actually cover more than half of your forearms is definitely not one of them. And don’t even get us started on those so-called “full length pants” that end up fitting like capris on you…We know your frustrations, and we’re here for you. That’s why Chef Uniforms features 3 stylish options in what you need: short sleeve chef coat, long sleeve chef coat, and pants.

Maintaining a slim, chic look, the men’s tall traditional fit short sleeve chef coat provides your torso with the coverage it needs. Made from a premium blend of Poly/Cotton fabric, this chef coat fits just right on your arms so you still have flexibility for full range of movement in the kitchen. It’s also loaded with helpful features that you’ll love in the kitchen, such as knotted cloth buttons, left sleeve thermometer pocket, and a double-breasted look.

Men's TALL Traditional Fit Short Sleeve Chef Coat; Style #  T66516

Men’s TALL Traditional Fit Short Sleeve Chef Coat; Style # T66516

This shop look offers you the protection you need in the kitchen! With professionally tailored arm cuts and some added room built into the arms for flexibility, this coat hits the mark in providing elegance and practicality! Red contrasts nicely with the black color of the chef coat for a dramatic look at the cuffs, neckline, chest, and pockets. This 100% Cotton fine twill premium fabric will have you feeling and looking good!

Men's TALL Traditional Fit Chef Coat; Style #  T63316

Men’s TALL Traditional Fit Chef Coat; Style # T63316

Kiss the days of awkwardly fitting chef pants goodbye with these pants! Sitting at the waist, these pants offer slightly wider leg openings for a more relaxed, slightly baggy fit. Made from luxurious 100% cotton medium weight twill fabric, this pant is the epitome of chef-wear comfort. These modern, stylish, black pants will pair well with both our short and long sleeve chef coats, as well as any other solid coat you may already own.

Men's TALL Baggy Chef Pant; Style #  T9701

Men’s TALL Baggy Chef Pant; Style # T9701

We hope that these elegant options made just for you will finally give you the coverage, style, and comfort that you deserve! “Why yes, the weather up here is nice, thank you very much.”

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