You’ve Got to Start Somewhere: Restaurant Industry Statistics

One of the fastest-growing sectors of our economy, the restaurant industry provides millions of Americans with jobs. In fact, nearly 50% of American adults have worked in the restaurant industry during their life, and over 25% of American adults held their first job at a restaurant! According to the US Census Bureau, employees in our nation’s nearly one million restaurants account for almost 10% of the 13.5 million people in the US workforce!rest

Apart from the many experienced people in the restaurant industry, most of the people who tend to benefit from the restaurant industry’s growth and millions of job opportunities tend to be young people just starting out in the workforce, searching for income and experience. In spite of the fact that many of these restaurant employees – especially younger people – view this line of work as temporary, 58% of all restaurant workers are 25 and older, and 12% of those individuals are 55 and older. However, about 40% of these workers are only employed for part time. This statistic of part time workers is twice as much as part time employees in all other industries.

These numbers are likely to continue their rapid increase, as employment growth in the restaurant industry is projected to be higher than national job growth for the 15th year in a row! Talk about a winning streak!

Check out this infographic from for more fascinating information about this opportunity-filled industry here:

How did you get your start in the culinary world?

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