The Art of Plating: The Importance of Presentation

The Art of Plating: The Importance of PresentationMany of us have to wear multiple hats day to day. We fill many roles at the workplace – we could be a marketer one minute and a graphic artist the next, or an accountant as well as a salesperson. In the case of the culinary industry, many chefs also have to be artists to be able to stand out and draw in more customers. There is an art to dish presentation, which adds to the customer experience as a whole. The goal is to create a dining experience that tempts all of the senses, rather than simply taste alone.

There are a few different types of plating, which include “classic,” which arranges the main item in front of the plate with the veggies and starches behind, “stacked,” which is exactly as the name implies, and “shingled,” in which you would find the main item on top of a bed of vegetables or another side item. Knowing when to use each type and how to do so in a way that grabs the eye and takes the patron on a culinary adventure, is why chefs are true artists.

The Art of Plating - The Importance of Presentation_2

We included a video from Executive Chef Don Walker from Five Fishermen featuring his tips on how to plate meals at home.


Which plating method works best for you? Send us pictures of some of your best presentations!

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