Chef Dakota Soifer’s Merguez Recipe

Chef Dakota Soifer has shared one of his favorite pork recipes from Cafe Aion- Merguez.Merguez

We do a lot with pork at Cafe Aion.  Bacon, sausage, bacon, chicharrones, braised, and the list goes on.  My favorite sausage to make is lamb sausage.  Merguez, a bright, spicy sausage from northern Africa has got to have one of the most intoxicating mix of flavors.  The fresh heat of harissa, chopped cilantro and rose water mixed with the rich lamb makes for many memorable bites.


1 lb ground lamb (grass fed is the best)

1/3 C fresh harissa paste

2 T chopped cilantro leaves & stems

1 T salt

1 t whole cumin seeds, toasted then ground

1 t whole coriander seeds, toasted then ground

1/2 t rosewater


Mix it all together!  Sauté or grill it as a loose sausage or you can stuff the sausage into hog middles, hang to dry for 5 days and then cook.


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