Chef Mikey Termini’s Crab Cake Recipe

crabcakesHoliday season is in full swing. Our final recipe from our Chef of the Month Mikey Termini is a crab cake recipe that serves as a great appetizer to bring to any holiday party.

Recipe makes: 2x 2.5oz cakes with Floridian corn salsa & corn puree

Corn Puree:

1q Grilled Corn

1q Vegetable stock

25g Cream

24g Butter

Directions: Char corn over grill until kernels begin to take on a light char color. Cut corn off the cob. Combine corn with vegetable stock, cream, and butter. Let simmer until soft. Then puree till smooth.

Corn Salsa:

50g Roasted corn

3g Minced Red Onion

2g Minced Jalapeno

1g Salt

1g Pepper

1g Chopped Cilantro

1g Lime Juice

5g Cream

1g Butter

Directions: Sautee corn, onions, jalapeno for 2 minutes. Add cream and butter. Season with lime, salt pepper & cilantro.

Crab Cake:

880g Jumbo crab

880g Lump crab

100g Panko Bread Crumb

25g Dijon mustard

5g Mustard Powder

100g Lemon Juice

18g Old Bay

1g Worcestershire

1g tabasco

600g mayo

4g lemon zest

Directions: Mix all together and fold in crab meat. (Note: combine until moist without breaking crab or overdressing). Consistency should be creamy.

All of us at CU Chef Uniforms hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a food-filled holiday season!

One Comment on “Chef Mikey Termini’s Crab Cake Recipe”

  1. jjm153 June 15, 2017 at 2:46 pm #

    Is this recipe in metric units? If so, what are the US conversions?

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