Chef Marcela’s Sea Salt Caramel

Salted-Caramels-Recipe-2-1200.jpgDesserts are known to be sweet. But add some contrasting saltiness and you’ll get one of the best flavor combinations ever! Chef of the Month, Marcela ends June by sharing with us one of her most coveted recipes, sea salt caramels. Try this recipe out and you’ll love the result of sea salt caramels that are unbelievably soft and chewy.

Sea Salt Caramel


9 1/2oz sugar

4oz cream

6oz butter

1/2oz of sea salt or Fleur de Sel


1. Scald the cream

2. In another pot, bring sugar to dark caramel

3. Stir in the butter and salt

4. Cook until everything is dissolved and homogenous

5. Pour on a greased sheet pan to cool

6. Cut into squares and serve

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