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Ace Champion - Chefuniforms.com January Chef of the Month_2016

January 2016 Chef of the Month – Ace Champion

Ace Champion - Chefuniforms.com January Chef of the Month_2016Chef Champion comes from the great food state of Louisiana.

He specializes in Cajun/Creole, the taste of New Orleans.

He has over 18 years of culinary experience ranging from Certified Meat Cutter, Executive Chef, Event Coordinator, Personal Chef, as well as Cooking Class Instructor.

He is also an honors Culinary Arts graduate of Fox Valley Technical College, one of the nation’s premiere culinary schools.

Chef Champion cooks with a strong passion and makes it a priority to visualize his entrees while preparing them, so in turn… he can empower others who struggle with cooking. Chef Champion infuses cultures and ingredients to create a flavor that gives you a champion cooking experience and the know-how to cook a little appeal yourself!

The Law of Attraction & the Power of Positive Thinking are the cornerstone of Chef Champion’s passion for food. He believes that if you think you can be a great chef or cook, then you will realize it, but if you think you won’t be a great chef or cook, then you probably won’t hit the mark. Chef Champion believes that before you hit the kitchen, focus on what you want. The result? You’ll serve up a great dish almost every time!

That’s why Chef Champion created, 8 steps to Your Perfect Meal, a simple plan to help viewers or readers (available in book format, too) be more positive in the kitchen on their way to greater productivity and creativity. “I now understand my purpose in life and that is to teach the world everything I can about food for the mind, body, and soul,” concludes Chef Champion.

Congratulations Chef Champion on being our Chef of the Month for January!

Birthplace: I was born in the bay area of California where I spent most of my childhood. I was then further raised in Louisiana where my try heritage is.

Where do you work and where are you based? I own my own business “Chef Champion LLC.” In my business I am a Private Chef, Culinary Instructor both private & public, Visionary Motivational Speaker as well as a Menu & Recipe Developer for local restaurants and private companies.

What is your favorite kitchen tool in creating your masterpieces/dishes? Hands down my 8” Wusthof Chef Knife. There is not much I can’t do with this knife. When I hold this tool, it feels like an extension of my body which allows me to create in detail.

What is your sharpest sense out of all the 5 senses? I would say what I call the 6th sense. To me this is when I can manipulate my conscious mind to flow freely with my conscious mind to view all senses as one. This allows me to use my senses in creation without acknowledging the use of them. If I had to pick one though, it would be my sight. This is where I can learn and see. My sight allows me to turn my vision into reality on a plate.


What advice would you offer for aspiring chefs? Never give up on your dreams. Albert Einstein said it best when asked how are you so smart he replied and said “It’s not that I’m so smart it’s just that I stay with problems longer than most people.” This lets me know when chasing my dreams no matter how hard or how long it takes, I will get there if I don’t give up. Be true to yourself and what you believe in.

What is one culinary tip every chef should know and perfect? Every chef should master the art of visualization. It is a necessity to have a clear vision of what’s to come before it happens. This will allow you to always be 2 to 3 steps ahead of yourself. The proper technique is called “Visual Motor Rehearsal.” This means one would visualize a recipe or an event inside their mind. This works as a form of practice without having to lift a finger. You can find more tips on this topic and other cooking tips in my book “8 Steps To Your Perfect Meal.”

What does good food mean to you? Good food means food that looks good, taste good, and does good things once it’s inside my body. Food should be good for the mind, body, and soul. I also view good food as that is live and raised properly. My motto is cooking with live foods. That means in one way or another, the food we eat was once alive.

What trends do you see emerging in the near future? The power of positive thinking. I see an awakening of the mind of chefs and people all over the world to trust in there inner souls and become who they want to be. I see cooking changing from the sometimes negative to being fun, exciting and healing.


What features are important to you when selecting a Chef Coat? (Particular fabric, style, sleeve length, pockets) My personal favorite is the long sleeve. I feel this is the more elegant professional look I am going for. I also enjoy all of the color selections you can get at ChefUniforms.com. This allows me to keep my image sharp and unique. I also love the mesh coats. Being a celebrity chef I cannot afford to not look professional on camera. They have an excellent selection of mesh chef coats for men and women.

What is your go-to chef outfit?  Do you prefer coats, tees, pants, shorts, aprons, hats, etc? I don’t have a specific one. I have 4 branches of my business that require a certain type of coat. For instance when I speak, I where a heavier longer coat. When I am cooking, I use a mesh coat and when I am outdoors in the summer, I use my short sleeve mesh coats.


Favorite ingredient to work with? Anything fresh. If I had to pick one, I would choose garlic. I think this is an ingredient that should be added to all savory dishes. I also love the health benefits. I have high blood pressure and eating lots of this delicious herb helps me regulate my pressure.

Favorite City to eat out in? New Orleans. I have never been to a city with as big as a variety of fresh homemade food. This city definitely brings out the flavor.

Best Dish you have ever made? I would say my Cherry Apple Pie with a Caramel Moscato Rum Sauce. What makes this dish so good and unique is instead of mixing the apples and cherries, I  separate the recipes, then layer them together separating them with cream cheese and topping this off with my homemade caramel rum sauce. The layers of flavor excites any taste buds.

Place you eat most often on your days off? At my home. This is where I can relax, create and enjoy my family.

Person you would most like to cook for? Most definitely Jesus Christ. I can see the image of him eating at the last supper wondering what chef had the honor to cook for him. I hope one day I will.


Chefuniforms.com December 2015 Chef of the Month - William Werner, Chef/Partner Craftsman and Wolves

December 2015 Chef of the Month – William Werner, Chef/Partner Craftsman and Wolves

Chefuniforms.com December 2015 Chef of the Month - William Werner, Chef/Partner Craftsman and WolvesWilliam Werner is Chef/Partner of Craftsman and Wolves (CAW), an award-winning
contemporary patisserie and cafe with a nod to classic French technique and an
emphasis on seasonal change, offering pastries, cakes, confections, confitures, breads,
desserts, as well as savory fare and signature drinks. Current locations include CAW
Valencia in the vibrant Mission district of San Francisco, a farmers’ market stand at the
venerable CUESA Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, and an online retail shop shipping

Since opening the first location in 2012, Werner has garnered praise both locally and
nationally in publications, including New York Times T magazine, Wall Street Journal,
Real Simple, Esquire, and Bon Appétit, and GQ magazine named his famous “Rebel
Within” as #6 on “The 50 Best Things to Eat and Drink Right Now.”

In addition to opening a second location in San Francisco’s Russian Hill neighborhood
this fall, William and team are expanding the online retail shop with new products to ship
both nationally and internationally. Werner serves as a Valrhona Pastry Chef Consultant and leads professional culinary
demonstrations and classes around the U.S. and Canada.

Chef Werner is a James Beard Foundation “Outstanding Baker” 2015 finalist, Dessert Professional’s “Top Ten Pastry Chefs of America 2015,” The Passion Company’s “2015 Most Passionate Chef/Restaurateur in San Francisco,” San Francisco Magazine’s “2014 Best Pastry Chef,” Plate Magazine’s “2014 30 Chefs to Watch,” Star Chefs’ “2013 Rising Star Artisan” and James Beard Foundation “Outstanding Pastry Chef” 2012-2014 semi-finalist.

Congratulations Chef Werner on being our Chef of the Month for December!

1. Where do you work and where are you based?
Craftsman and Wolves, a patisserie and cafe with two locations in San Francisco.

2. What is your favorite kitchen tool in creating your masterpieces?
Gray Kunz spoon

3. What is your Wisk Hand? Left or Right?
Right hand

4. What advice would you offer for aspiring pastry chefs?
Dig deep to the roots, don’t get caught up in the current trend, take time to understand the basics.

5. What is one tip every pastry chef should know and perfect?
How to work with chocolate.

6. What does a great dessert look like to you?
I believe you eat with your eyes first, so an appetizing dish is key, usually minimal wins for me, all ingredients on the plate are harmonious and make sense, nothing is there just to be there.

7. Favorite ingredient to work with?

8. Favorite Dessert City?

9. Best Dish you have ever made?
Braised beef cheek risotto on a camp stove

10. What trends do you see emerging in the near future for Pastry Chefs?
I see more health conscious desserts that don’t sacrifice flavor and texture — luxurious meets beneficial, if you will.

11. What features are important to you when selecting a Chef Coat? (particular fabric, style, sleeve length, pockets)
Short sleeved chef coats are my favorite, only one breast pocket, and definitely fitted. I’m not a fan of pen holders on the sleeve.

12. What is your go-to chef outfit?  Do you prefer coats, tees, pants, shorts, aprons, hats, etc?
Vintage Metallica t shirt, jeans and full bib apron.

Up and Coming and Top Chefs To Follow on Instagram

Up and Coming and Top Chefs To Follow on Instagram found on blog.chefuniforms.comInstagram is the place to be! It has grown from just being another social media channel out there to one of THE social media channels to be on! According to Instagram’s press page, there are 300 million monthly active users sharing 70 million photos on average per day, and those photos get 2.5 billion likes! Holy Kamolee!!

Cooking is Personal! So as a Chef, new or seasoned, due to the intimate nature and visual sensations Instagram provides and let’s not forget to mention, free exposure to you, your brand and your place of work…this is the perfect medium for you to show off your masterpieces, bring your audiences behind the scenes and portray your journey as a culinary artist.

We researched many chefs, and below is our list to follow. They represent humility and fun, and their presentations of their dishes/pastries/cakes are off the chain! Their stories are real and relatable – we love to see what makes them tick, and they also show tips to help other chefs learn. No wonder they have such huge followings! We also included our past Chefs of the Month who are on Instagram, because they are just pretty cool dudes and dudettes and have a lot to offer….

Ch…Ch…Check them out!

Up and Coming and Top Chefs To Follow on Instagram, Eric Ripert

Creativity Meeting – taken from Eric Ripert’s Instagram page

Up and Coming and Top Chefs To Follow on Instagram_Lorenzo Boni

Family comes First for Lorenzo Boni – taken from his Instagram Page

Chefs with their Own Digs

Eric Ripert – 145k followers

Marcus Cooks – 112k followers

April Bloomfield – 90.3k followers

Camille Becerra – 71.1k followers

Marc Vetri  – 20.3k followers

Jenn Louis – 14.5k followers

Sam Talbot – 14.3k followers

Up and Coming and Top Chefs To Follow on Instagram_Jenn Louis

The new Hat Jenn Louis got taken from her Instagram page

Up and Coming and Top Chefs To Follow on Instagram_Tom Colicchio

Striped Bass Prep taken from Tom Colicchio’s Instagram Page

Up and Coming and Top Chefs To Follow on Instagram_Christina Tosi

Late Night with Seth Myers and Christina Tosi taken from her Instagram Page


Corporate Chefs

Lorenzo Boni, Executive Chef at Barilla America – 13.8k followers


Pastry Chefs

Jordi Roca – 53.4k followers

Christina Tosi – 35k followers

Charlise Johnson’s Intimate Eats – 6,044 followers


Chefs in Entertainment, Chef CookBook Authors

Tom Colicchio – 67.3k followers

Kristen Kish – 63,200 followers

Amanda Frietag – 27.8k followers

George Duran – 698 followers


Instagram Tip #1: Want people to find you? Below shows the total number of photos associated with these popular hashtags:

#foodporn – 63,081,411

#chef – 4,689,740

#chefs – 407,324

#cheflife – 1,342,239

#chefslife – 178,295

#chefsofinstagram – 362,153

#chefinthemaking – 37,226

#chefsoninstagram – 33,299

#pastrychef – 329,104

#pastrycheflife – 10,463

Instagram Tip #2: A picture is truly worth a thousand words! While it is easy to just take a picture and publish which works, we would like you to remember presentation is everything… Put some thought into how the dish will be plated and then displayed under the right lighting and Voila! Professional photography at its best! Enjoy the new likes, comments and regrams that will follow and ultimately, your growing fan base.

Instagram Tip #3: Have fun and show your personality! Allow your pics to reflect simplicity, creativity in design, background, showing the unseen and what makes you tick! People follow you because they like you.

Instagram Tip #4: Engage with your fans and other people in your industry. Grow your network. Like your fan’s photos, leave a comment and enjoy being part of your Instagram community.

We are on instagram too! Check us out at https://instagram.com/chefuniforms/

Which chefs do you love to follow on Instagram? Send us their links and let us know why you are a fan!

Up and Coming and Top Chefs To Follow on Instagram found on blog.chefuniforms.com

Drawing Inspiration from Grandma

You don’t meet many people in the culinary industry who just wake up one day and decided to start cooking for a living. Those with a true passion for cooking and food typically got their start at an early age, learning from their parents or grandparents, or even by watching some of the great chefs on TV. But it is a special bond between a grandmother and her grandchild, where inspiration and true passion grow into a love of all things culinary. Many of the great chefs of our time get their inspiration from their grandmothers, and even use recipes that have been passed down for generations.

Celebrity Chef Curtis Stone recently opened a restaurant in Beverly Hills called Maude, which is named after his grandmother. According to Stone, his grandmother is the one who got him interested in food when she taught him how to make her homemade fudge. “I always remember sitting around the dining room and smelling her getting the roast dinner ready. She’s been gone now for seven or eight years now, but I wanted to call the restaurant after her to keep those memories alive.” – LAist

Chef Curtis Stone drawing Inspiration from his Grandma

Chef Curtis Stone


Executive Chef Stephen DeMarco of Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center in Blue Ridge Virginia, also started cooking with his grandmother and mother at an early age. According to DeMarco, he would watch them pull leftovers from the fridge and “throw a meal together and have it taste and look great.” Even now, after more than 28 years of experience in the industry, owning his own restaurant consulting firm and serving as a private chef in New York, DeMarco remembers where he got his start, and how he learned to love food from his grandmother.

Chef Stephen DeMarco drawing Inspiration from Grandma

Chef Stephen DeMarco


Chef Kyle Fowlkes, executive chef of the Embassy Suites Hotel in Hampton, Virginia, says that his Nana is at the heart of everything he cooks. He remembers cooking in the kitchen with her when he was 4 or 5 years old, making pound cakes, pies and fried chicken. Now, he uses her recipes in his own kitchen at the Cypress Grille Restaurant in the Embassy Suites. Fowlkes’ grandmother is still inspiring him today, years after she taught him the basics of cooking, and his love of the craft is just as strong.

Chef Kyle Fowlkes drawing Inspiration from Grandma

Chef Kyle Fowlkes

 Did your grandmother have anything to do with your interest in food?

What would she say if she saw you in your chef uniform today? Where do you get your inspiration?

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