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Expand your Culinary “App”titude! Mobile Apps for the Chef on the Go!

Chef-displaying-smartphoneAs chefs, you’re always looking to hone your craft in order to make your restaurant the best it can be. But, as you know, being a chef is not just about the cooking you do in the kitchen. Your job requires a wide skill set that allows you to oversee your business from the moment you begin your search for menu items until they are served to your eager customers. Your success in this line of work, along with your creativity and technical skills, is largely attributed to the advantage you have with better tools at your disposal. Fortunately, there is a wealth of smartphone apps that provides you with valuable information at your fingertips.

We’ve found some helpful apps that can make your process as manager, boss, and overseer a little less hectic.

  • iphoneProfessional Chef By the Culinary Institute of America: Although this iOS app may be on the pricier side ($49!), it has been dubbed as “the Bible” for chefs. This official textbook of the Culinary Institute of America, known for training renowned chefs such as Michael Symon, makes it possible for you to become a great chef with its guiding tools, such as instructional cooking videos.
  • Matthew Kenney’s Raw Express: Featuring 12 full length videos, 45 recipes, and additional nutritional information, this iPad app will walk you through the discipline of properly cooking with raw food and expanding your culinary repertoire.
  • Escoffier Cook’s Companion: With this top-ranked iOS app, you and your sous chefs will be able to consult a glossary of information that can assist with measurement conversion, multiple kitchen timers to synchronize your plating, equipment questions, and a glossary.
  • Knowledgebook: Cooking: Chefs will love this handy Android app because it answers very specific, even peculiar measurement questions. Want to know how many bananas it takes to have 2 cups worth of slices? This app has got you covered.
  • Gojee: Ever feel like a contestant on Chopped when your pantry is running low and you are stuck on how to use the ingredients you have? Gojee, an iOS app, helps you pair these ingredients to create a delicious dish!
  • Evernote Food: This iOS app allows you to discover new restaurants, explore recipes, and share your culinary creations.
  • Vegan Nom Nom: Trying to add more vegan-friendly options to your menu? Look no further, because this iOS app provides you with20,000+ recipes to broaden your culinary horizons.
  • Epicurious Recipes and Shopping List: A very well-known website in the culinary world, Epicurious has expanded their online empire with this handy app that allows you to access unique recipes and ingredients.
  • Harvest – Select the Best Produce: Harvest, an iOS app, is an indispensable tool for chefs looking to buy the most high-quality ingredients. Offering tips to check for freshness and quality, this app will ensure that your dishes are made from the best ingredients out there.
  • Smart Chef Substitutions: Need an ingredient for your recipe but can’t go to the grocery store or food market to get it in time? This ingenious iOS app saves the day by offering you other alternative ingredients for your recipe so the delicious taste and texture will still be maintained.


What are some apps you use that you think should be added to our list?

How to put the iPad to work for your Restaurant!

Is it just me or is it pretty crazy how quickly technology is growing?  I mean, I feel like it was yesterday the iPhone 2 was out, and now what number are we on? I think I’ve seen signs of the iPhone 5 on the web, just saying.  Honestly, it’s amazing hiPad P.O.S. Systemow tech-savvy this country is getting. It’s even reached the point where iPads are being used in restaurants to take and view orders. In fact, this new point-of-sale system is so fast that the chefs have the orders in front of them before the server has even left the table. Waiters don’t have to rush back and forth asking “what’s in this dish?” The recipe is right there in their hands.  Good-bye impatient and hungry customers, hello efficiently satisfied bellies.

iPad restaurant menuNot convinced yet that this technology will be useful in your restaurant? With an iPad you can give your customers their own tablets to view a wine list or the full menu.  Plus, you can let them choose for themselves what they’d like to eat and drink.  You can virtually put the ordering process into your customers’ hands, and let them take control. Now we’re cookin!

Let’s look at it from a payment perspective.  How much do you hate it when you’re trying to get out of a restaurant, and the server is taking what feels like an eternity with your bill? Use an iPad and they’ve got the bill right there, not to mention you can even charge your card, table-side. Talk about stream-lining the process and taking “going green” to the next level!

To keep this techie-talk going, let’s discuss mobile apps.  Mobile apps haveUrbanspoon App for iPhone, iPad, Android also changed the way we go out to eat. We no longer have to sit around and say “where should we go tonight?” Now, all we have to do is tap the app, and it’ll tell us where to go, what type of food to order, and how much to pay. Apps like Urbanspoon, Where?, Around Me, Yelp, and Foodcaching all have this ability. They can even pull up a map to the restaurant and the phone number in case you need to make a reservation. And you can read reviews of the restaurant, in case you aren’t so sure about it.

iPads, mobile phones, applications…I’m curious to find out what will come out next and how we can use it to continually facilitate the out-to-eat experience.

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