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Arbor Day: Food for the World

A good chef knows that a recipe is only as good as its ingredients. Without the freshest of ingredients, even the best recipe can taste stale… which is why today is a very important day for chefs everywhere! Today is Arbor Day, the day in which we are encouraged to plant and care for trees. 140 years ago today, an estimated one million trees were planted in honor of the holiday’s inception. Since then, individuals and groups alike have been gathering together to save and feed our planet, one tree at a time. But what does this have to do with you as a chef, you ask? All you have to do is look at this picture to see the impact of such a holiday on your industry.

And what do all of these delicious-looking vegetables have in common? They all come from plants, of course! Some of which may have even been planted on Arbor Day. So throw on your chef coat and chef pants, it’s time to get cooking’! But first, get out there and plant some trees!

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