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ChefUniforms.com Ambassador Chef Eddie G. Stars in New Show, Locavore

Here at ChefUniforms.com, we’re proud to share that our very own Chef Ambassador and previous 2017 Chef of the Month, Chef Eddie G., has recently launched a new series on Amazon Prime titled Locavore.

Celebrity Chef Eddie G. has previously starred on Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race, has been featured on Disney, NBC and has cooked more than 11 Super Bowl and 5 Rose Bowls.

Each month, Locavore, a show with a farm-to-table focus, features Chef Eddie G. as he travels around the world, from Mexico to Italy, sampling the local food and drink that is unique to each destination. Chef Eddie G. is also seen conversing with the destination’s locals as he embraces diversity and the local flavor that is fundamental to capturing Locavore’s unique aroma. Throughout the series, he can be seen wearing our exclusive Chef Uniforms gear – including our latest Performance collection!

“I love traveling and cooking all over the world, like filming in Tuscany for my Locavore series on Amazon Prime. There are enough unknowns – new kitchens, different heat sources, new ingredients – that the quality and consistency of my chef apparel means everything. The chef jackets and pants I wear from Chef Uniforms are not only top of the line in design and safety, but they’re stylish and comfortable as well.”

Chef Eddie G.

Want his look? Check out our exclusive collections of chef coats and chef pants, Chef Eddie G. can be spotted wearing the following chef favorites:

NEW PERFORMANCE FABRIC - Men's Snap Closure Chef Coat - Poly/Spandex STRETCH

NEW PERFORMANCE FABRIC – Men’s Snap Closure Chef Coat – Poly/Spandex STRETCH

From our latest, exclusive collection with our most innovative fabric, the Performance chef coat is a culinary-must have. It’s made out of a lightweight 92/8 polyester/spandex tech poplin blend.

UA CHEF ™ Men’s -LIGHTWEIGHT- Short Sleeve Coat with -MESH- Side Panels

This modern chef coat features button closures and mesh side panels. It has a chest pocket, thermometer pocket, and is made out of a lightweight easy care 65%polyester/35% combed cotton poplin fabric.

Industry Line Chef Men’s 3/4 Sleeve Double Breasted Coat with Piping & Contrast Details

This tailored chef coat for mean includes a metal button closure, piping, a triple pen pocket and is made out of a 65% polyester/ 35% cotton fabrication.

Men's Double Breasted Long Sleeves Chef Coat - Fabric Covered Buttons and -MESH- Back Panels

Men’s Double Breasted Long Sleeves Chef Coat – Fabric Covered Buttons and -MESH- Back Panels

This premium, traditional chef coat is double breasted, has a reversible closure and fabric covered buttons. It has a mesh back panel and a fabric composition of 65/35 poly/cotton twill.

UA CHEF ™ Men’s Chalkboard Baggy Chef Pants

Our Chalkboard printed chef pants feature a fun pop of color and favorite culinary ingredients! These tapered leg chef pants sit at the waist and have a baggy fit. The pants also include 2 side pockets and 2 back pockets for ultimate storage. It’s made out of a 3/1 100% cotton twill!

Interested in some chef uniforms? Check out chefuniforms.com for quality chef coats, chef pants, chef aprons, chef shoes and more at affordable prices. Look your best, for less.

For more information on Chef Eddie G., check out his social media:

Instagram: @chefeddieg
Twitter: @EddieGChef
Facebook: @ChefEddieG
Website: http://chefeddieg.tv/

Click here to stream Locavore on Amazon Prime Video!

Does Your Chef Footwear Stand the Heat?



Chefs, cooks and restaurant professionals are expected to work long hours & shifts on their feet. So, while chefs are whipping up delicious meals, their feet are taking plenty of heat.

What is the best remedy to prevent an aching foot? How can one be prepared to be comfortable and not feel the burn on their heels? Here at ChefUniforms, we have created a guide to help you find your Chef Shoes soul mate, and while your food is on fire, your feet don’t have to be! 

What to Look For

It’s important to remember that different shoes have different purposes. A restaurant professional that is often by water (for example, roles that require dish-washing) may need a slip resistant shoe, while the professional that works with heavy appliances may need a pair with additional protection (think toe caps). Keep in mind to always comply with safety regulations in order to stay as safe as possible in the kitchen.

Different Types of Shoes for Chefs

Sneakers/ Athletic Footwear

Athletic footwear are often designed for specific activities such as walking, jogging and running. Running shoes can be useful for the professional who is constantly moving around. A running shoe has shock absorption that protects the front of your feet which can ease up on individuals standing on a hard floor. If you choose athletic footwear, make sure that they comply with your building’s/restaurant’s requirements and guidelines. Different places may have rules about sneakers being slip resistant or certain rules about laces.

The New Balance Black 608v5  that is available for both men and women features a foam collar, a heel with cushioning and compression resistance and aids in absorbing impact. These shoes are also slip resistant!



Clogs can be a popular choice due to their arch and heel support. The shoes usually feature thick soles for support that can absorb pressure from standing on a hard floor. In some instances, this may be a good fit when standing on your feet long periods of time. Clogs are also lightweight and comfortable.

The Klogs Boca Unisex Closed Back Clogs offer a molded toe grip that allow for better stability. They are slip resistant and lightweight!



Crocs usually include an enclosed toe design that can protect chef’s feet from hazardous objects that can be found in the restaurant and in the workplace. Easy to wear, easy to clean and long-lasting, the Croc is often a favorite among chefs.

The Crocs™ Bistro Unisex Closed Toe Clogs feature a heel strap, an enclosed toe design and an orthodontic foot bed. These shoes are also slip resistant and waterproof- perfect for the kitchen!



Everyone’s role in the restaurant industry is different, and that’s why at ChefUniforms, we like to present variety for our customers. Whether your main role requires slip resistant shoes, or a well ventilated pair- we want to make sure you are ready to look and feel your best always!

A Week to Buy the Perfect Gift

With only a week until Christmas, many people are scrambling to find that one perfect gift for their special someone. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right present that portrays how you feel. Luckily, you’ve got us to help! Here are a couple of ideas that should hit the nail on the head.

Whether or not your special someone is a chef, a new chef uniform would make a great gift for any loved one. Have you thought of embroidery? You can get them their very own one-of-a-kind chef coat! If it’s the thought that counts, this one is definitely a winner.

Father's Day Chef JacketSlip Resistant ShoesAnother idea for a gift is a pair of slip resistant chef shoes. You don’t have to be a chef to wear them, and there are a number of uses for these shoes, only one of which involves the kitchen. You can also wear slip-resistant shoes on a boat, in a hospital, on a running track, or anywhere else you can think of where you might be in danger of losing your footing. Of course, if your loved one is a chef, then what better way to say “I love you” and “I care about your well-being” than a good pair of don’t-slip-in-the-kitchen chef shoes?

Worried about getting the wrong size or style? How about a gift card? Our ChefUniforms.com E-Gift Cards are always the perfect fit, no matter the occasion. With one of these, your friend or relative can shop till they drop, and they don’t even have to leave the house!E-Gift Cards

I know you’re probably wondering how it can possibly get any easier to find the perfect gift. Well, wonder no more! If you spend over $99 before 12/22/13, you’ll also be able to enjoy Free Shipping on your purchase! Happy Shopping!FACE1351Have any other ideas for a last minute gift? Leave it in the comments below!

A Gift for Father’s Day

Father’s Day. The third Sunday in June, when families come together and honor that person they so affectionately call dad. And how do we honor our dads? Presents! It is a proven fact that dads love presents. But what do you get for the guy who has everything? Isn’t it obvious? No, not another tie. Get him a brand new chef uniform from ChefUniforms.com! You might say, “But Father’s Day is just 4 days away! How can I order something online and expect to receive it by Sunday?” Well, with ChefUniform.com’s Express or Overnight Delivery, you can be sure your gift reaches its destination on time. And hey, there’s always his birthday!

Whether or not he’s a chef, a new chef uniform would make a great gift for any dad. You can embroider “#1 Dad”, “World’s Greatest Dad”, or even his name onto a new chef coat. Trust me, he’ll love the thought, and he’ll really love that he has one more thing that proves his greatness to all of the other dads in the neighborhood.

Another idea for a gift is a pair of slip resistant chef shoes. You don’t have to be a chef to wear them, and there are a number of uses for these shoes, only one of which involves the kitchen. In addition to the obvious kitchen use, you can wear slip-resistant shoes on a boat, in a hospital, on a running track, or anywhere else you can think of where you might be in danger of losing your footing. Of course, if your father is a chef, then what better way to say “I love you” and “I care about your well-being” than a good pair of don’t-slip-in-the-kitchen chef shoes?

Want to spoil your dad without spending too much money this holiday? Here’s a tip – the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. With that in mind, here are a few ideas to sweep dad off his feet:

  1. Start his day off right by bringing him breakfast in bed. Don’t forget the OJ!
  2. Cook him a big, juicy steak or burger, but add something new to the mix: find a recipe for an “ultimate burger”, or anything that is bacon-wrapped.
  3. Dads work hard all week; Fathers Day should be his day of rest and relaxation. Bring him his favorite beer and he’ll be your best friend.
  4. Take his favorite food and kick it up a notch. Deep-fry it or wrap it in bacon (again, bacon always gets a thumbs up), but whatever you do, don’t make it healthy! It’s his one day to eat like a king, so let him! His arteries won’t thank you, but his stomach and taste buds will.
  5. Take him to his favorite restaurant and surprise him with a meet and greet with the head chef, followed by a food tasting. If he loves food as much as we do, he’ll love every minute of it.

And remember, if you are going to buy him a gift, as much as dads love wearing ties, there is a limit to the number of ties a man can own, so stop buying ties for father’s day and start thinking outside of the box! Visit ChefUniforms.com for more gift ideas for this coming Father’s Day.

Staying Comfortable in the Kitchen

In the hustle and bustle world of the chef, a major detail seems to be frequently overlooked when choosing your chef attire. Sure, it is important to have functional coverings to prevent burning from splattering oil and the like, but who says you have to sacrifice comfort for functionality? It can be just as significant for you to feel relaxed and comfortable while preparing meals as it is to be physically protected.

Kitchens can get extremely hot, so it is vital to wear something that breathes. You wouldn’t want to be sweating over the food you are preparing for your customers, would you? Below is an example of one of our breathable, mesh-sided chef coats, designed for durability, style and comfort. This (Style #64717) is a traditional, short-sleeved chef coat with a snap front made from a poly/cotton mix that will make you never want to take it off. This coat is available now for the low, low price of $23.99!

Traditional Short-Sleeved Chef Coat Style #64717For those looking for something a little different, we have many other styles to choose from, including this long-sleeved coat (Style #63519) with black or blue piping in the neckline, chest and cuffs plus matching cloth-covered buttons. This coat has extra benefits for comfort in the kitchen including underarm vents for an additional coolness-boost and a tailored cut for extra arm space. For just $28.99, you can be cooking in style.

Traditional Long-Sleeved Chef Coat Style #63519In the pants department, you can go with a classic or a baggy look, depending on your personal preference. Both come in either 100% cotton, or a 65/35 poly/cotton mix, and each comes in many different colors and styles. Below we have our classic style pant (Style #9201BST), followed by the baggy style (Style #9701), both for an extremely low price of $21.99.

             Style #9201BST                         Style #9701

Men's Classic Chef Pants Style#9201BST

Men's Baggy Chef Pants Style #9701











For the female chefs out there who want a jacket that is tailored just for women, a great option is this traditional jacket (Style #83113) with fabric covered buttons, an adjustable back tie, and made from a 65/35 poly/cotton blend. Be the epitome of comfort and style in this jacket for just $26.99.

Traditional Women's Chef Jacket Style #83113

The women’s pant line takes the classic chef pant and gives it a feminine twist, making it more flattering for the female figure. Our women’s pants offer a lower waist and are made with 100% cotton for complete comfort and breathability. At a low price of only $21.99, how can you resist looking your best, even in the sweltering kitchen? (Style #5601 shown below)

 Women's Chef Pants Style #5601

Now, on to the shoes! Imagine being in the kitchen, cooking away frantically, moving from one countertop to the next on the greasy floor, while holding a steaming pot. That won’t end well. Unless, of course, you are wearing our slip-resistant Crocs. With these babies on, there is no stopping you! For the low price of only $39.99, our slip-resistant Crocs are now made with a special material that conforms to your foot for a custom fit. It is very hard to say no to such a great buy. (Style #BISTRO shown below)

Crocs Bistro Unisex Closed Toe Clogs Style #BISTRO

Staying comfortable while you cook is one of the most important things you can do in the kitchen. And while we can’t make your food taste better, we can make you look and feel better.  Always remember, a comfy chef is a happy chef, and a happy chef makes happy customers!

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