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How to Choose the Right Chef Coat and Fit?

Some people love to shop, others not so much. There are those people who like to browse, compare options and pick based on what catches their eye. If you are anything like us however, you come with a vision, you know what you want and where to find it and your goal is to be in and out in record time. That becomes difficult if you can’t navigate your way around a website or you are unsure what the best choice for you is. The ChefUniforms.com website was set up to be quite simple in order to help our customers get the best shopping experience possible. Here are some tips on how to filter selections to help choose the perfect coat, whether you are buying for yourself or for your entire staff.

Most people will enter the site and just click on the coat tab and have the option of viewing all available coats. Simple right? Except now you may be looking through hundred of things you are not interested in and this can become very time consuming. If you want something specific, the best way to filter through all the things you don’t need is to hover over the coat tab instead of clicking on it. By doing this, you have the option to filter your selections by Style, Fit, Look, Gender, Fabric, Sleeve Length and even Type of Buttons (see below).

How to Choose the Right Chef Coat and Fit with Chefuniforms.com_Coat Tab


  1. Shopping by style is much easier with our drop down menu. Under style you can shop for specific characteristics of the coat. For example, you can search for coats that have mesh, or color block. If you want to only see printed coats, you can do that too with only a couple of clicks.
  2. Choosing the right fit is simpler than you thought. If you are searching by fit on our site you will find that there are 2 types of fit, Tailored and Basic. The Tailored fit is a slimmer, contoured fit. This type of fit is engineered to fit closer to the body and embrace its curves. If you prefer a looser fit with some extra room, then the Basic fit is perfect for you. The Basic fit is a roomier fit, which allows for a more casual look.
  3. If you like a specific fabric, you can always search by available fabrics. As part of the menu drop down, you can see all our Poly/Cotton Twill coats or all our Egyptian cotton coats in one place. This way you never have to click on multiple styles to find out what fabric it’s made from.
  4. Want to only see coats that apply to you? You also have the option of searching by gender. This allows you to look at all available male or female items at once.
  5. Have a particular sleeve length favorite? Now you can also filter by your preferred sleeve length.
  6. Pick your closure.If you prefer snaps to buttons or fabric covered to plastic, we can help with that too. The drop down lets you filter our products so you are viewing only the items that have the type of closure you are looking for.
  7. Last but not least, you can always use our QUICK LINKS to search our new arrivals, on sale and Plus Size styles. The quick links also allow you to look at our Uncommon Threads selection.



What’s your fit? Basic vs. Tailored

The idea of the Basic fit is that it is roomier and boxier. If you like to have some extra room in your coat then the Basic fit is right for you. However, if you prefer a more fitted, shape-driven fit, then you want to choose the Tailored fit.

How to Choose the Right Chef Coat and Fit with Chefuniforms.com_Basic & Tailored Fit

Pick your look- Traditional vs. Modern

Now that you know which fit is best for you, pick your look. Picking a look can be quite simple if you know what you like. You can keep it simple with our wide selection of traditional double-breasted solid color coats. Or you can spice it up a bit and choose a more modern look like an asymmetrical, printed or color block coat.

How to Choose the Right Chef Coat and Fit with Chefuniforms.com_Modern & Traditional Fit

What’s the best fit for your kitchen?

Whether you are buying for yourself or your entire staff, sometimes the type of kitchen or establishment you work in has a big influence in your choice of styles you buy. For example if you work in an exceptionally hot kitchen, the best styles for you may be our lightweight styles. There are several lightweight and mesh combination styles that provide better breathability and comfort in higher temperatures. Mesh panels offer the ability to keep you cooler and dryer through the day.

For higher-end restaurants, you can’t go wrong with our Egyptian Cotton selection. This is a luxurious selection and is available in modern and traditional styles.

If you are looking for the best in front of the house styles, then consider our Versa shirt. We offer a selection of front of the house styles on our ChefUniforms.com website. In addition there are also plenty of options to choose from on our Uniform Difference site, which you can find a link to at the top right corner of the ChefUniforms.com site, or simple go to www.uniformdifference.com.

How to Choose the Right Chef Coat and Fit with Chefuniforms.com_Versa Shirts

When it comes to running a business, faces will come and go. If you know you have a high turnover, or simply want to make sure you can keep the same look for an extended period, consider buying our classic styles. Classic styles are available through the end of 2016. This guarantees that the styles you purchase today will be available to you for at least 1 more year. This is the simplest and easiest way to keep your staff looking consistent.

These are just some tips to keep in mind when you offer us the pleasure of your business. Styles on our website, as well as our catalog, have signs that can help you quickly identify between lightweight, Egyptian cotton, stretch styles, classic styles or mesh styles. So remember when in doubt…follow the signs.

How to Choose the Right Chef Coat and Fit with Chefuniforms.com_Follow the Signs

Put Us to Work! We will be delighted to find out more about your company and how you envision outfitting your team! If you would like one of our Account Reps to contact you, please visit our Group Order Form.

Do you have any suggestions to improve your shopping experience on our website?

Who says you have to wait for New Chef Uniforms from Santa?

There is nothing like something new and shiny and you don’t have to wait until Christmas to unwrap your present. Whether it’s for you, a friend or a loved one, new styles have arrived at Chefuniforms.com sure to please everyone.

For our Female Chefs, the new styles available are fun, flirty and perfect for those ladies who love color and like to step away from a traditional chef coat.

If you like to stand out, you will love the new S-Shaped Coat. Easy to care for and made of 65/35 Poly/Cotton poplin, this coat is perfect for those who prefers a lightweight coat to the basic twill coat. With its feminine style lines, contrast details and 6 available colors, this coat is versatile enough to please any chef from the restaurant to the bakery.

Chefuniforms.com New Chef Coat - Women's Traditional Fit S-Shaped Chef Coat in Fuchsia w Black - Plastic Buttons - 6535 PolyCotton Poplin

Chefuniforms.com New Female Chef Coat – Women’s Traditional Fit S-Shaped Chef Coat in Fuchsia w Black – Plastic Buttons – 65/35 Poly/Cotton Poplin

Step out of the box, way out of the box and into the new ¾ Sleeves Asymmetrical Coat. If you like fancy, this is the coat for you. Complete with feminine details, fabric covered buttons and loops, side seam pockets and sleeve cuff/tab details; this sexy yet classy coat has it all! Made of 65/35 Poly/Cotton fine line twill, the asymmetrical coat is the perfect piece to wear if you want to impress. This coat is available in 5 different colors including ChefUniforms new color, Wild Berry, which is a perfect choice if you are not into pink that much but want something lighter than eggplant. At $29.99 however, you are going to want them all.

Chefuniforms.com New Female Chef Coat - Women's Asymmetrical 3 Three Quarter Sleeve Chef Coat in Ocean Blue w Black - Fabric Covered Buttons - 6535 PolyCotton

Chefuniforms.com New Female Chef Coat – Women’s Asymmetrical 3 Three Quarter Sleeve Chef Coat in Ocean Blue w Black – Fabric Covered Buttons – 65/35 Poly/Cotton

Want a little extra room without the extra fabric? Then you need to check out our first stretch coat. Single breasted, ¾ sleeve length and fabric covered buttons, back vents, side seam pockets and princess seams are some of the details incorporated into this coat. Perhaps the best part of it however, is its fabric. Made of 55/42/3 Cotton/Poly/Spandex, this coat offers greater ease of movement and versatility without sacrificing comfort within the fit. If you ever just wanted more from your chef coat, then this is definitely one who should check out.

Chefuniforms.com New Female Chef Coat - Women's STRETCH Princess Seam Chef Coat in Turquoise - Fabric Covered Buttons - 55 42 3 Cotton Poly Spandex

Chefuniforms.com New Female Chef Coat – Women’s STRETCH Princess Seam Chef Coat in Turquoise – Fabric Covered Buttons – 55/42/3 Cotton/Poly/Spandex

In addition to new styles for ladies, there are also 4 new colors added to the ladies Chef pants. Colors include Chalk Stripe Black, Chalk Stripe Grey, Black Stripe, and Chalk Stripe Navy. The Chalk Stripe Navy and Chalk Stripe Grey have also been added to the Bib and Bistro aprons. The Chalk Stripe Navy provides a pop of color to liven up any holiday party!

ChefUniforms.com Aprons - New Styles

                         ChefUniforms.com Aprons – New Styles


Of course we didn’t forget our Male Chefs. Keep it cool in the kitchen with our new Double Breasted Mesh Coat. A traditional look with a cool twist, this Poly/Cotton Twill coat is sure to keep you cool with half mesh sleeves and a triangle mesh vent at the back yoke. This style is available in Black, Pebble Grey, White and festive True Red and Green.

ChefUniforms.com Men's Double Breasted Chef Coat with Mesh in True Red w Black - Plastic Buttons - 65 35 Poly Cotton

ChefUniforms.com Men’s Double Breasted Chef Coat with Mesh in True Red w Black – Plastic Buttons – 65/35 Poly/Cotton

No need to button it up anymore. If you want to get away from buttoning all those buttons in a traditional chef coat then you are going to love the new Pull Over Coat. Easy to put on with a 2 button yoke this coat offers versatility and ease even on the go. Never forget a button again, just pull it over your head. This is the most uncomplicated coat you will ever own. Available in Black and White for easy accessorizing with all of your ChefUniforms chef pants. In a short time this coat has already become a costumer’s favorite.

ChefUniforms.com - Men's Traditional Fit Pullover Chef Coat in Black - Plastic Buttons - 65 35 Poly Cotton

ChefUniforms.com – Men’s Traditional Fit Pullover Chef Coat in Black – Plastic Buttons – 65/35 Poly/Cotton

Last but not least for those of you who are blessed with a little extra height our basic poly/cotton coat 65511 is now available in tall (T65511).

ChefUniforms.com - Men's Basic Fit TALL Chef Coat in Black - Plastic Buttons - 65 35 Poly Cotton - Style # T65511

ChefUniforms.com – Men’s Basic Fit TALL Chef Coat in Black – Plastic Buttons – 65/35 Poly/Cotton

With so many new things to choose from, it’s hard to stay off the naughty list.

Tell us which ones are your favorite and why?

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