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Is Cooking at Home a Chore for Chefs?

Most people get to leave their jobs behind when they leave work at 5 PM. But what about chefs? What do they do when their long shift filled with management and cooking is behind them? Do they wind down and relax with a nice meal when they get home, or does the very thought of prepping a meal sound like a chore?Is Cooking at Home a Chore for Chefs? Blog on Chefuniforms.com

For most chefs, cooking is a true passion – many chefs believe that using their creativity and skills to create delicious meals is a calling in life. The thought that the food they created has the power to brighten someone’s day, dazzle their pallet, and show them the wonders of flavor is what many chefs believe makes their job so fulfilling. But even in light of all these positive, fulfilling perks that come with the job, many chefs want to leave the kitchen behind them when they arrive home. According to a Yahoo! Answers forum, many chefs prefer to eat store-bought, prepared foods, such as a frozen pizza when they get home! Some even have their spouses prepare meals for them! However, many chefs just can’t get enough of the kitchen and continue to prepare delicious meals when they arrive home – whether the meal be simple and robust or elegant and complex. According to an article from the Huffington Post, world-renowned French Chef David Boulud winds down by preparing a vegetable salad Meridionale featuring eggplant, peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, and shrimp.

So, chefs, what do you do when you get home at the end of the day? Do you prepare to make your own culinary creation or sit back, relax, and let the food come to you? Leave a comment below!

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