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Time to Vote!

The time has come! If you’re a contestant, it’s time to get out there and spread the word to all of your family, friends, coworkers and casual acquaintances to vote for you to win! If you are not a contestant, be sure to vote anyway, because they need your help to win. It is your choice who you think deserves to win a check for $500! So go to our voting page, choose your favorite culinary professional or culinary student, and get your vote on!

These individuals have worked so hard in order to serve you the food you love, and are now awaiting their adoring public’s votes. Every vote counts, so if you’re one of the contestants, don’t forget to vote for yourself! And remember: only one vote per person is allowed!

All contestants have an equal chance of winning this prize, and even if you don’t, the consolation prize isn’t too shabby… for any contestants who reach 1,000 votes or higher before 11/28/2011, ChefUniforms.com will give you a $50 Gift Card!

Now get out there, vote and spread the word!

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