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Culinarians Day

Today is Culinarians Day! This is an especially important holiday for our readers, since it’s actually about you! Today, we celebrate all of the cooks in our lives. Not just the professional chefs (though they certainly qualify), but anyone and everyone who loves to cook. So how does one celebrate Culinarians day? Simple, just do what you do best – cook! Today, make something special for your loved ones, or perhaps cook up something for your favorite culinarian!

Another way to celebrate this great holiday is to buy yourself (or your favorite culinary artist) the gift of a new chef uniform (insert shameless plug here). What better way to say “I appreciate you and love when you cook for me” then an embroidered chef coat, with your loved one’s name emblazoned on the front? Or perhaps a new pair of chef pants, because you noticed the old ones are covered in (what you hope is) grease. Maybe a pair of non-slip chef shoes, for those who just can’t seem to stay on their feet? We’ve got it all, so just hop on by ChefUniforms.com and choose the ensemble that’s right for you!

Happy Culinarians Day!

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