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Have Earth Day Year Round In Your Kitchen From LiveESP.com (Exclusive Discount)!


This Sunday, April 22nd, is Earth Day with this year’s theme being “Mobilize the Earth”.  The theme’s intent is to bring power to the people, as there has been public backlash at the shortcomings from governments taking steps toward protecting and preserving our environment.  “Mobilize the Earth” encourages people to use what they have to demand action, their voice!

So we’ll take our own advice and use our voice to tell all of our ChefUniforms.com fans about one of our favorite companies, Essential Safe Products (LiveESP.com).  ESP is a website committed to healthy lifestyles and a healthy environment.  On their site you can find tips and tricks on how to avoid exposure to toxins in food and drink and purchase kitchen and on-the-go products that are non-toxic and food safe.  Our favorite items around the halls of the office are the reusable glass water bottles and stainless steel straws.   They make Earth Day a YEAR ROUND mission (and were featured at this year’s Grammy’s and in the Oscar’s gift bags, so we think they’re pretty cool for that too!).

They’re generously giving our ChefUniforms.com Facebook fans and blog followers 10% off of their entire order from now until 4/30/12; just enter EARTH at checkout for your exclusive savings!

Below is a “Cliff’s Notes” rundown on some of their most popular items and how these little lifestyle changes can have a BIG impact on your family’s life and our planet’s J

Reusable snack bags ~ Because only about 1-3% of plastic bags end up getting recycled and since plastic is not biodegradable, using a reusable snack bag is a great eco-friendly alternative to help reduce the amount of waste you produce. Take a look at the type of reusable bag you use and check to make sure it is free from harmful chemicals like phthalates.

Reusable straws ~ Many people like to use straws to help keep their teeth clean but with plastic straws being thrown away, we end up getting the environment “dirty” at the expense of “clean” teeth. Instead of using a new straw every time you sip on a colored drink, try using reusable straws made from glass or stainless steel.

Reusable bamboo utensils ~ Plastic utensils are everywhere: when you order food to-go, at the office, and in schools. They often end up in the trash, so to help avoid this, use reusable utensils made from certified organic bamboo, a sustainable resource that does not jeopardize the environment when it’s grown.

Reusable food containers ~ Ever thought about bringing your own container for leftovers when you go out to eat? Instead of packing leftovers in containers provided by restaurants, try packing them in a glass or stainless steel food container—an eco-friendly and safe way to store your food.

Reusable water bottles ~ Buying a new plastic water bottle every day is neither cost effective nor good for the environment, since bottles are often tossed into trash bins.  Switch to reusable water bottles made from BPA free glass or stainless steel as a safe, eco-friendly and non-toxic way to enjoy water and stay hydrated.

100% certified organic lunch bags ~ Replace brown paper bags and plastic bags with a reusable lunch bag made from 100% certified organic cotton.  Methods used to grow organic cotton do not use toxic pesticides or fertilizers and have a lower environmental impact than conventional growing methods.

National Drinking Straw Day

Happy National Drinking Straw Day! Every year, on January 3rd in the US, we celebrate the greatest invention since sliced bread. Actually, since the first modern drinking straw was invented back in 1888, it’s probably the greatest invention since the wheel! Since they were invented, drinking straws have evolved into something entirely different. The first drinking straw was made out of dry, hollow, rye grass, but was not adopted fully because it astonishingly made beverages taste like grass! As an alternative to this design, a man named Marvin Chester Stone wrapped a piece of cigarette paper around a pencil and coated it with wax so that it wouldn’t leak. Stone worked in a factory that made paper cigarette holders, so he had access to all of the materials he needed. So, on January 3rd, 1888, the modern drinking straw was born.

It’s been exactly 124 years, and the drinking straw has changed in its appearance, design, and material makeup. Today, we have plastic straws, glass straws, steel straws, bendy straws, crazy straws, spoon straws, candy straws, mini straws, wide straws, cereal straws, color changing straws, and many more to choose from, all in different colors and sizes. And, to cater to today’s health-conscious citizens, some companies are even selling BPA and toxin-free straws! Essential Safe Products is one such company, which is currently selling stainless steel drink straws, as well as glass drinking straws that are good for the environment.

RSVP Endurance ~ Stainless Steel Drink Straws, Set of 4

Glass Dharma ~ Set of 4 Beautiful Bends Glass Drinking Straws, 9.5mm x 9”, w/ Cleaning Brush

For more information and environment-safe cooking products, visit LiveESP.com!

As for today, please enjoy a beverage with a straw, and celebrate all that this great little invention has become in the past century.

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