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Who Do You Relate To?

We often associate ourselves with those who inspired us to become who we are today. Sometimes, those associations are with celebrities. We tend to pick out a certain “celeb” in our own industry who reminds us a little of ourselves, whether it be by personality, by looks, or by some other distinguishable trait. Why do we do this? Beats me! But it’s fun to find out what people think about themselves and the celebrities they admire. So, the question remains…

Which of these famous chefs do you relate to the most and why? Leave us your comments, but remember to keep it PG!

1.  Chef Gordon Ramsay         2.  Chef Paula Deen          3.  Chef Rachael Ray


4.  Chef Emeril Lagasse         5.    Chef Bobby Flay         6.  The Swedish Chef


Can’t relate to any of these chefs? Who else do you associate with? We want to know!

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