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Knife Skills 101 with Chef Ace Champion

Ace Champion - Chefuniforms.com January Chef of the Month_2016


There are so many different knives.

Ever wondered if you are using the right knife? Are you aware of the purpose of each knife?

Below is a great summary explaining each knife and their use.


Different Knives and their Uses courtesy zbsharpening.com

Chef Champion’s Knife Skills 101

Chef Ace Champion shares some great lessons and techniques on how to use several knives such as Bread, Carving and Vegetable.

He even shows how to cut an onion, a few celery sticks and garlic cloves blindfolded! Very impressive! Check them out…

Knife Skills on Good Day Wisconsin Fox 11:


Blind Folded Knife Demonstration:


Knife Skills 101 Class at Cookscorner.com


What are your challenges when you use any knife?

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