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New Year, More Healthy Food!

The year 2018 is rapidly coming to an end and 2019 is just around the corner. You know what that means! New Years Resolutions. 

Every year we struggle with the tired and beaten resolution: I will eat healthy this year. Sometimes we complete our goal (kudos!) sometimes we make it halfway and then eat a bag of chips for dinner (it happens, we know), and sometimes our goal is just dust in the wind. After all, the phrase “delicious healthy food” sounds like an oxymoron…

But what if this year we could help out? What if this time, we had some amazing recipes from previous chefs of the months that are not only healthy, but also delicious?

Find some great options below and make 2019 your year!

1. Chef Mikey’s Watermelon Salad

A note from Chef Mikey: “The Watermelon salad is a light and refreshing salad that plays on the sweetness of the watermelon and the smooth texture of vine ripened Heirloom tomatoes. Some candied pistachios add a slight crunch, and the goat cheese panna cotta contrasts the watermelon just enough without overpowering the salad all together. Finally topped with a balsamic reduction and some finely shaved red onions, this salad is great anytime of the year.”


2. Chef Megan’s Lemon & Rosemary Hummus

Not only is hummus a tasty treat, it also has a ton of health benefits!


3. Chef Crump’s Grilled Shrimp Recipe

This is an excellent dish for dinner and a yummy summer meal!

shrimp salad image

4. Chef Stefen’s Vegan Walnut-Kale-Basil Pesto

This vegan walnut-kale-basil pesto sauce pairs well with basically anything!


5. Chef Penelope’s Pork Belly with Peas & Carrots

This vegan walnut-kale-basil pesto sauce pairs well with basically anything!




New Year’s Resolutions

It’s time to start thinking about your New Year’s Resolutions! If you’re like me, you usually come up with some seemingly impossible goal, and then are surprised when it has not panned out by February 1st. However, this year, ChefUniforms.com is encouraging you to really dig deep and come up with a resolution that will challenge you (but won’t be impossible to achieve) and then work hard to accomplish your goal. We decided to ask around the office about past New Year’s Resolutions that have been accomplished, as well as new ones for 2012, and here are a few responses we received:

–          Travel more

–          Go back to school

–          Stop eating meats and poultry

–          Quit smoking and lose weight

–          Do a better job of keeping in touch with family

–          Eat healthier

–          Save more money

–          Recycle

–          Volunteer to help people

–          Learn a new language

What’s your New Year’s Resolution? What goals have you set in the past that you’ve accomplished? Leave a comment below and tell us all about them!


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