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Does Your Chef Footwear Stand the Heat?



Chefs, cooks and restaurant professionals are expected to work long hours & shifts on their feet. So, while chefs are whipping up delicious meals, their feet are taking plenty of heat.

What is the best remedy to prevent an aching foot? How can one be prepared to be comfortable and not feel the burn on their heels? Here at ChefUniforms, we have created a guide to help you find your Chef Shoes soul mate, and while your food is on fire, your feet don’t have to be! 

What to Look For

It’s important to remember that different shoes have different purposes. A restaurant professional that is often by water (for example, roles that require dish-washing) may need a slip resistant shoe, while the professional that works with heavy appliances may need a pair with additional protection (think toe caps). Keep in mind to always comply with safety regulations in order to stay as safe as possible in the kitchen.

Different Types of Shoes for Chefs

Sneakers/ Athletic Footwear

Athletic footwear are often designed for specific activities such as walking, jogging and running. Running shoes can be useful for the professional who is constantly moving around. A running shoe has shock absorption that protects the front of your feet which can ease up on individuals standing on a hard floor. If you choose athletic footwear, make sure that they comply with your building’s/restaurant’s requirements and guidelines. Different places may have rules about sneakers being slip resistant or certain rules about laces.

The New Balance Black 608v5  that is available for both men and women features a foam collar, a heel with cushioning and compression resistance and aids in absorbing impact. These shoes are also slip resistant!



Clogs can be a popular choice due to their arch and heel support. The shoes usually feature thick soles for support that can absorb pressure from standing on a hard floor. In some instances, this may be a good fit when standing on your feet long periods of time. Clogs are also lightweight and comfortable.

The Klogs Boca Unisex Closed Back Clogs offer a molded toe grip that allow for better stability. They are slip resistant and lightweight!



Crocs usually include an enclosed toe design that can protect chef’s feet from hazardous objects that can be found in the restaurant and in the workplace. Easy to wear, easy to clean and long-lasting, the Croc is often a favorite among chefs.

The Crocs™ Bistro Unisex Closed Toe Clogs feature a heel strap, an enclosed toe design and an orthodontic foot bed. These shoes are also slip resistant and waterproof- perfect for the kitchen!



Everyone’s role in the restaurant industry is different, and that’s why at ChefUniforms, we like to present variety for our customers. Whether your main role requires slip resistant shoes, or a well ventilated pair- we want to make sure you are ready to look and feel your best always!

Culinarians Day

Today is Culinarians Day! This is an especially important holiday for our readers, since it’s actually about you! Today, we celebrate all of the cooks in our lives. Not just the professional chefs (though they certainly qualify), but anyone and everyone who loves to cook. So how does one celebrate Culinarians day? Simple, just do what you do best – cook! Today, make something special for your loved ones, or perhaps cook up something for your favorite culinarian!

Another way to celebrate this great holiday is to buy yourself (or your favorite culinary artist) the gift of a new chef uniform (insert shameless plug here). What better way to say “I appreciate you and love when you cook for me” then an embroidered chef coat, with your loved one’s name emblazoned on the front? Or perhaps a new pair of chef pants, because you noticed the old ones are covered in (what you hope is) grease. Maybe a pair of non-slip chef shoes, for those who just can’t seem to stay on their feet? We’ve got it all, so just hop on by ChefUniforms.com and choose the ensemble that’s right for you!

Happy Culinarians Day!

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