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A Very Happy Passover to You!

Happy Passover to all of our Jewish friends and fans! Since most of you are in the culinary profession, I’ll get right down to the nitty gritty. As with many religious holidays, food bears a specific importance on how the holiday is celebrated, and Passover is no different. But how are you supposed to cook a meal for a holiday where the diet is so restricted that you can’t eat anything made from wheat, barley, oats, rye or spelt (another type of wheat)? Let’s start with the traditional Seder plate:

1.          Maror – bitter herbs; generally horseradish is used.
2.      Zeroa – shank bone; generally a lamb shank.
3.      Karpas – a vegetable; generally, parsley is used here.
4.      Chazeret – a bitter vegetable; here, lettuce is shown. Many people choose to put a dish of salt water in its place.
5.     Charoset – mixture of apples, nuts, wine and spices.
6.      Baytzah – hard-boiled egg.

After tonight’s Seder (the service in which the story of the liberation of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt is told and celebrated), the meal can begin, so here’s where you come in… what to make? Even with such dietary restrictions as “no bread or pasta”, you can never go wrong with a nice brisket, or even a roasted chicken. If you are in need of some culinary inspiration, just take a trip to Bon Appétit, and check out their Passover Favorites Slideshow. It made me hungry just looking at it!

Happy Passover, Everyone!

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