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Tips for Adopting an Effective Mobile Strategy for Your Restaurant


It’s no surprise that we live in a world saturated with technology. The sharing of opinions, ideas, and news is remarkably simple. As a result, all types of businesses from fashion to finance have turned to this online market for opportunity. With people spending roughly two hours on their smartphones per day, mobile marketing has taken online consumerism by storm. Now more than ever, consumers are able to communicate their opinions and experiences with restaurant venues and their cuisine in a way that reaches a large audience. We have some helpful tips to help you stay in the game and capitalize on technology.

  1. Join the frenzy: Create a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account for your restaurant: These social media sites are by far the most popular ones out there – largely because sharing information on these is very straightforward. The fact that you even took the time to market on these social media sites shows your potential and current customers that you are interested and passionate about letting others know about your restaurant. Sharing pictures of your delicious specialties will have customers flocking to you in no time!logos
  2. Create a mobile-friendly website for your customers on the go. Nothing is more frustrating than being excited about a restaurant and struggling to find a smartphone-compatible menu! Take the time to create a simpler, mobile website that is easy on the eyes. For a very user-friendly experience, be sure to create organized tabs, such as “Menu” and “Restaurant Hours.” Your customers will appreciate this easy-to-navigate look that will help them gain a feel for what your restaurant is like.
  3. Create an easy to navigate online website for your restaurant. Potential customers will love the user friendly approach of your website. It is also helpful to create your restaurant as a location on Google so when customers search for you, they can easily find your restaurant, its phone number, and menu all in one place.
  4. Familiarize yourself with popular restaurant critiquing apps, such as Yelp! And Urban Spoon. These apps are extremely popular amongst customers – tourists and locals alike – looking for new eats. By tracking their user’s location, these apps allow the user to find top rated restaurants near them to dine at. They filter by price range, type of cuisine, and rating. So, make sure that your restaurant gives off the right impression to these potential customers! Check up on these apps frequently to see what people are saying about your restaurant to look for areas of improvement, as well as positive reviews for popular dishes to see what you’re doing right!yelp
  5. Stay up to date on which websites are the most successful choice for marketing your restaurant. Let’s face it, MSN and AskJeeves tried, but they will never be Google. Invest your time and money in reputable and popular search engines that will assist you in promoting your restaurant. Ensure that your restaurant becomes a top hit on these search engines by including a very descriptive biography on your restaurant’s website’s homepage. These words will come up in specific customer searches, such as the location, type of cuisine, awards or accolades, the atmosphere, and unique aspects that your restaurant specializes in.

This great infographic, courtesy of TelMetrics Inc., tells you everything you need to know about customers who use their smartphones to learn about a possible restaurant option.Mobile-Restaurant-Marketing

What mobile strategies does your restaurant use?

How to put the iPad to work for your Restaurant!

Is it just me or is it pretty crazy how quickly technology is growing?  I mean, I feel like it was yesterday the iPhone 2 was out, and now what number are we on? I think I’ve seen signs of the iPhone 5 on the web, just saying.  Honestly, it’s amazing hiPad P.O.S. Systemow tech-savvy this country is getting. It’s even reached the point where iPads are being used in restaurants to take and view orders. In fact, this new point-of-sale system is so fast that the chefs have the orders in front of them before the server has even left the table. Waiters don’t have to rush back and forth asking “what’s in this dish?” The recipe is right there in their hands.  Good-bye impatient and hungry customers, hello efficiently satisfied bellies.

iPad restaurant menuNot convinced yet that this technology will be useful in your restaurant? With an iPad you can give your customers their own tablets to view a wine list or the full menu.  Plus, you can let them choose for themselves what they’d like to eat and drink.  You can virtually put the ordering process into your customers’ hands, and let them take control. Now we’re cookin!

Let’s look at it from a payment perspective.  How much do you hate it when you’re trying to get out of a restaurant, and the server is taking what feels like an eternity with your bill? Use an iPad and they’ve got the bill right there, not to mention you can even charge your card, table-side. Talk about stream-lining the process and taking “going green” to the next level!

To keep this techie-talk going, let’s discuss mobile apps.  Mobile apps haveUrbanspoon App for iPhone, iPad, Android also changed the way we go out to eat. We no longer have to sit around and say “where should we go tonight?” Now, all we have to do is tap the app, and it’ll tell us where to go, what type of food to order, and how much to pay. Apps like Urbanspoon, Where?, Around Me, Yelp, and Foodcaching all have this ability. They can even pull up a map to the restaurant and the phone number in case you need to make a reservation. And you can read reviews of the restaurant, in case you aren’t so sure about it.

iPads, mobile phones, applications…I’m curious to find out what will come out next and how we can use it to continually facilitate the out-to-eat experience.

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